Metabus era, what policy is required in the future?

The Content Future Convergence Forum has conducted the 12th policy discussion for today (3 days) and metaverse policy. This debate has been conducted through online video conferencing, with the theme of being a recent mate of the meta bus that is recently on the meta bus, and since the theme of being able to take any policy in the next government.

Prior to the beginning of the discussion, Kim Hyun-hwan, a member of Kim Hyun-hwan, said, “The meta bus came to a matter of MZ generations that emphasize a new experience, as well as a multi-aspect, as well as a multi-aspect, and a global trend is becoming a trend.” We are troubled a way to activate the industry. We are promoting the metabus support industry, and we are making a small and medium-sized business growth, such as producing virtual fusion performances. Copyright, personal protection, Explained.

Substitution of the Meeting of the Meeting of the Meeting The Future Convergence Forum shall be crushed in the unwanted policy for the reason why the metaverse policy has not been successful. In addition, a private enterprise has also been lacking in synchronization, which has failed to establish an industrial ecosystem that is central, and the mutual cooperation model of large companies and SMEs did not derives, and the mutual cooperation model was lost. In this situation, when the metabus has recently become a boom, it was urgent, but it was concerned that there is a concern that such a ridiculous support is rather concerned about the remarkable support book.

In order to take this status, I first ordered the government’s intelligence to establish an industrial ecosystem that is centered and to emphasize the support business. In addition, the support projects are simply unlikely to exhaust the given budget, and we added that efficient investment is needed. For this purpose, we concrete the business system and the contents of the business system, and simply convert existing businesses, or have not been able to involve unrealized notes such as global platforms.

In order to efficiently weave the metaverse policy, it is necessary to apply the selection, focus, and know-how of the technical platform and the game industry. Especially, it was noted that the game has been well in the fact that the element of the metaverse has been well. The game people have developed various technologies such as online communication and graphics related technology, and this technology is essentially applicable to the metabus such as virtual reality and digital human.

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The Dean of Jeonju University was one of the “core fields of digital innovation,” which offered various experiences beyond the construction of a “free personal expression to a virtual world”. In addition, this nature of the meta bus can be a nourishment that a new industry will be borne, and is the foundation to secure our global basis.

In order to develop this, we simply advised that the content should be seen as a deeper floor to the infrastructure to the infrastructure beyond the side of the platform. This is because the metabus is not a concept that is suddenly out of the concept, but it is a concept that is derived as the Internet, such as the Internet becomes increasingly speed and more data. Therefore, not only one field, but also a fused talenting system capable of utilizing a variety of basic bases, and explained that it is necessary to build a public platform and create demands and to create demand. We adopted copyright protection and data dams to build copyright protection and data dams to build copyright protection and data dam, central and local and large enterprises and small and medium-sized coogors to create a civilian leading industrial ecosystem.

In particular, the locality was the core of the creativity required for the metaverse, and it introduced as the strength of the metabus. The metabus is not limited to the constraints, so it can achieve a balanced development without the metropolitan and local gap. In addition, since the metropolitan area and the local exchange are not constrained during the construction, the previous and other synergies can be flying. However, in order to first form a variety of metabases, a variety of digital fusion industries should be formed first, and explained that the central and provincial gaps need to be done to a certain extent, and need to have to make the local creativity. In addition, it also emphasized that the industry has to develop through the participation of citizens, as the metaverse is interacting with consumers that are not supplier led.

Professor Woori Canyon recently said that the flow of the metabus industry is similar to the gold rush, as a lack of understanding of this situation. In contrast, it is simply a reason why capital and people are indispensable for the reason, and eventually concerned about the phenomenon of being illuminated as a non-industrial speculation.

Professor WooChuna was analyzed as a virtual reality that has been interlocked beyond virtual reality that can experience the metaverse virtual reality as an extension of virtual reality. In other words, reality and virtual fused with everyday life, social platform owning concepts and economic systems are fused.

This concept is already from the old Internet, and explained that it has been developed. For example, the “Roblocks”, which is a typical example of the metabus, was released in 2009, and recently recently recently recently recently recently recently recently recently recently recently recently recently recently recently received. The Professor WooChun pointed out that the development of the metabus has not yet been completely fully. The recently burning metabus is also because the basic structure is similar to Rovlex.

Professor WooChun is expected to be in full swing when metabus 3.0, beyond Metabus 2.0, which leads to Roblocks from the meta bus of Internet Taekwonders, as a real time. Therefore, not to see the current metabus based on the current metabus, but it only ordered the characteristics of the metabus while viewing the development process of the metaverse and to prepare for the future metabus. In addition, the metabus is a social platform and economy platform, and the boundaries of consumption and production are ambiguous, and they are a future technology that has been convergent, which is a future technology, which is not limited to the temporary business of any other, but it is necessary to continue to link and management.

Professor Kim Hyo Yong has explained the core of the meta bus called content. In the metabus, the content is a key contact with consumers and producers, as a major contact with consumers and producers, is the core of the ambiguous metabus ecosystem. In particular, in the case of the metaverse platform competition, in recent years, high-quality content that can enter a lot of personnel is essential for survival.

Unlike existing content, the copyright protection and privacy policy that were in existing content policies and personal information protection policies should be more widely applied as the border of consumers and producers are ambiguous. In particular, in the meta bus, not only existing companies, as well as users who are used in meta buses, items that are used directly on the metaverse, as well as the IP and copyright and privacy issues have been more sensitive than before. In addition, as the metaverse develops, the content and technology should be linked, as the device is required, as the device is demanded.

Professor Lee Seung-min is a space where the Metropolitan Principal Rich University is a space that acts as a user to predict in advance, where digital goods and services are written here and are different structures with existing platforms. Unlike the previous platform, he has been globally weaving, and it has been resolved that rather than rather than Kyungsung Regulation.

It also points out that this discussion has been disadvantaged when the metaverse is identified as the game, or for the flow that is classified as a game as a game as a game. When the metaverse is registered as a game, it is a graded category obligation, and the application regulation is applied to the moment when the digital goods in the metaverse is treated like a game item, the BM can not be applied. In accordance with the game industry law, sales regulations for the immersion limitations are also applied. Because of these regulations, not only the game, but also the metabus also explained that the development of the game needs to be revised in accordance with the game regulation era.

In relation to metaverse policies, we adopted to be Tasanjuku in the regulation of the game industry. The metaverse platform is widely woven widely, and it is difficult to specify and regulate it from the outside because the aspect is different from each metabus. Therefore, the platform is self-regulated while regulating the regulation of the post-regulation, and that the abuse behavior of the market dominant operator or discrimination of the market dominant operators in the meta bus. Then, as domestic metabus companies have not yet reached the global giant enterprise, we have advised that they should focus on cultivation than regulations.