The movie Dynasty Warriors looks exactly like fans will want

The Dynasty Warriors games are not my cup of tea. The 1V1000 repetitive thing, Mash X to win just does not do it for me. However, launch it on the big screen, start real actors and filming it with kinematic angles and we got a movie! China will see the beginnings of the first movie Dynasty Warriors by the end of the month. In view of the trailers, it is the film that no one has asked, but everyone was missing, especially the fans of the series.

If you are wondering why Dynasty Warriors would be transformed into a movie, so you were like me until today. Although the games have repetitive playing elements throughout the series, there is a global history based on the era of the three kingdoms of the history of China. The historical period pieces are not for everyone, but the fantastic elements, on the top of the video games make it a show to see. We see various heroes on horseback and walk, juggling with soldiers with their swords, spears, sabers and halberds, and unleashing powerful attacks, operating elementary forces. It’s Whack.

Dynasty Warriors 9 - Wei Story - All Cutscenes
This film is actually off production since 2017. The first trailer came out in 2018 and had to go out in 2019, although it was repulsed at 2021. The Movie Dynasty Warriors will be released in China on April 31, but who knows if the Western public will ever see it by legitimate means.

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