Intel authorized distributor 3, the achievement of the renowned Intel genuine CPU quiz promotion

Intel Certified Distributor Inc. (representative Seojeong Wook), COE잇 (Representative Seo Jung-wook), COOT (Representative Son Chang, and CEO), and the 3rd of Philippe (Representative Seodae), and the reality of the new CPU quiz promotion will be carried out in March 2022.

This promotion is to investigate the Intel genuine CPU through the video of the game Yutor, and provides a variety of prizes for participants who have corrected correct in the associated quiz.

The products sold through the Domestic Distribution Company, which are official designated in Intel, are ‘genuine’. Consumers who have purchased a CPU box package or desktop PC with an activation sticker with a three-way logo containing the three-company logo such as Intex and Company, COOT, and Ps.

Registered as Intel Genuine CPU users will receive a convenient 3-year free A / S benefit. Also, if a CPU was discontinued within the A / S period, it is a free upgrade replacement. If you use Rosen courier service, there is a free courier receipt benefit and there is a genuine CPU registration customer target events that are carried out through the homepage.

Psychogenic Intel collected Operation Elbrus Destiny 2

“If an Intel authorized distributor official said,” If a dimension with the previous generation is a different 12-generation Intel core processor, it will be helpful to a new business or academic. “

On the other hand, the new 12th generation Intel core processor has an operation speed of 8 pcore 8 + E core 8 to 8 pcore 24 threads 5.2GHz through hybrid architecture. The industry is the first DDR5 memory and the PCIe 5.0 platform, and Intel UHD Graphics 770 is also supported.