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The update gives Call of Duty: Warzone a new operator and four new weapons

It’s been two weeks since “Warzone”, Royal Battle mode for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, released. The first update of the game added an essential solo queue, and now Activision adds extras to improve the game: there are four new upcoming weapons that are exclusive to the game mode, according to a blog item by Activision.

Weapons are a fighter rifle 725, mk2 rifle, a pistol.50 gs and an EBR-14 rifle. Players can find weapons through Verdansk, in “common and unusual rarities”, just waiting for players to loot.

UserRe modern gets a new exclusive 6V6 card at the game, called Khandor Hideout. Activision said the card had “long lines of sight and interior spaces to complete various bombs”, but there would also be a warehouse in the environment for close combat.

A new operator will also be available in both games. Heel, with his Indiana dog, both have a unique set of skills, and “Indiana skills are exhibited in Talon’s Finishing Move”, promises Activision. To unblock heel, you can take its package and try it in Warzone or Multiplayer Modern.

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Finally, the Call Duty_ The Defender Defender Pack is also back in store. Sales of this money raise funds to help veterans armed forces find quality jobs. The contents of the pack can be used in Warzone and guerre modern.

Updates will be posted at 23 hours HP on March 24/6 h GMT on March 25th.