Elden Ring: Beware of Fiesem Runen Thief in Castle Storm Veil

NPCs are such a thing in souls games. Your intentions are often impossible and you really want us good. Recently, Elden Ring fans have wondered where their runes disappear in Castle Storm veil – and finally found the responsible person. We reveal you who it is and how you can protect you from fiesem theft.

Here you find the runendie in the castle storm veil

It’s about it: If your margit defeats and puts on the way to Godrick, the Lord of Schloss Sturmschlei, you meet a NPC, which has a friendly tip for you. Goalkeeper Gostoc reveals that there is another, less well-guarded way to the boss next to the main gate. If you still want through the gate, he lets it open it for you.

Mysterious rune loss: If your Gostoc holds for an ally, but you are wrong. If you dard in castle storm veil and then procure the runes back, you will find that a good part of it is missing. According to Wiki Fextralife.com, it is 30 percent.

Fieser thief: The Wiki besides that the seemingly so nice Gostoc is responsible for this and that he will steal you, no matter if you take the main gate or the secret path. If you choose the latter, you have reported like Fextralife, even the opportunity to discover him at certain points while he follows you. He is also that to strike the door in the room with the knight behind you.

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You can do that

To avoid the whole misery, there are only two ways and those are typical of Elden Ring: One is difficult, the other brutal. Either her just does not die or her kills Gostoc. If you decide right at the beginning for the latter, so we recommend that you can open the gate before. You can still use the secret path.

Also to kill Gostoc later, can be useful as he drops all the runes after Fextralife, which he has guessed you. Did you defeat Godrick and Gostoc still lives, so it reaches on Godrick’s body and then becomes a dealer.

ELDEN RING | How To Open Locked Door in Storm Veil Castle
But on his goods, however, you do not have to do without if you kill him. You can acquire your assortment of the twin dealers of the table round, if you give this his sound beads. Gostoc drops the pearl while dying.

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