Elden Beast Cheese: How to slightly defeat the last boss in Elden Ring

A difficult aspect of souls games is when bosses have multiple shapes. The first phase of a struggle could be difficult enough so that they have left for the next almost no healing bottles. In the case of Elden Ring, the last boss has a transformation phase, which puts its resilience in its legendary difficult fighting on the sample. After the victory over Radagon of the Golden Order, it turns into his final form. Here are some cheese methods with which you can defeat the Elden Beast in Elden Ring.

How to slightly defeat the Elden Beast with cheese methods

This method could be a Ki exploit and could be patched, and it’s hard to replicate. What you need, as it is for many cheese methods, is the summon of Mimic Tear Ash. If you somehow get it from the fight against Radagon alive, a great praise to you. In this fight, you want the Elden Beast to attack your MIMIC so that you can approach the boss. Be careful when it fires its rimming spear attack. It can be staggered in death as soon as you are trapped in it.

If you are close enough on his bottom, go to his right or left side. If it is done correctly, the ELDEN BEAST is essentially attempting to target the MIMIC Tear, but do not move. The Ki breaks off in a state in which it simply stops. It’s a free kill when this happens. You have to stay under it all the time, otherwise it’s somehow corrected and attacks again.

The Elden Beast is not weak or resistant to anything, but what works best is Raw damage . Do not go to bleeding, arms arts or other life-growing gimies. Should the Ki of her Mimic Tear decide to retire or leave her position, the Elden Beast could also come out of his sleep and fight it normally.

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ELDENRING is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S / X and PC.

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