DLC for the agricultural economy

New DLC for the “Agricultural Simulator 22”: compact and versatile tractors for beautiful vineyards come into play. Publisher and Developer Giants Software announces the first pack for the “Agricultural Simulator 22” with “Antonio Carraro”. With ten new vehicles of the Italian traditional manufacturer, virtual ruins and farmers continue to build their operation with vineyards, olive groves or alpine grasslands.

Agricultural Simulator 22: New devices from Carraro

With the “Antonio Carraro Pack” Giants software adds another focus on grapes and olives, two of the new cultivated products in “Agricultural Simulator 22”. “When the ‘Agricultural Simulator 22’ came on the market, we immediately received positive feedback from our fans to the new field fruits,” commented Thomas Frey, Creative Director at Giants Software. “With Antonio Carraro, an expert in developing solutions for farmers who work in special agricultural areas, we enrich virtual vineyards and green facilities with even more dynamic gameplay.”

LS 22: Extremely agile tractors

The new additions in the fleet enable the playing to work with extreme maneuverability under special conditions, where other tractors fail on the narrow terrain or steep slopes. Here are: the classic SuperTiger 635, the versatile TTR 7600 Infinity or the flagship Mach 4 R, a reversible quadtrack with an enthusiasm. The tractors of Antonio Carraro are characterized by an extremely compact design in conjunction with narrow turning circuits and optimal point of view according to all sides, so they can achieve any vineyard and every wooden. Particularly practical are the reversible driver seats with which the farmer can change the direction of travel in no time. The TGF 10900 R, the TTR 10900 SR / TR / TTR and the TTR 4400 and the TigRecar 3200 are also included.

LS 22: Releasedatum for DLC

The “Antonio Carraro Pack” will be released on March 22, 2022 separately for 9.99 euros and as part of the “Year 1 Season Pass”. It complements the “Agricultural Simulator 22”, which is available for PC, Mac, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Stadia. Giants Software continues to publish free content updates as well as user-generated content on the official mod lift. By the way: The first content update already brought three new brands and 16 new machines – free of charge than download. Further information, also to shop and changelog of the 1.3 update, can be found on the official Farming simulator website and on the Astragon homepage.