The X | S series exceeded PS5 sales in Europe during February

Since its launch at the end of 2020, both the xbox series x and the PlayStation 5 have suffered from a strong problem of desabasto. Due to the shortage of microcomponents and chips caused by the pandemic of the Covid-19 , ni Sony NI Microsoft have been able to satisfy the demand that exists in the market by some of these two consoles. Although the ps5 has the front in sales, it seems that the X ** series is being finished. At least in European territories.

The foregoing we say it because, according to the firm gsd , during the month of February the X | S series, for the first time since its launch, exceeded the sales of ps5 in certain European markets. Obviously the scarcity has a lot to do with this, but it is definitely an important milestone for the team of Microsoft. **

And is that with this generation, Not to mention its retraction features. We will have to wait until the results of March to know if it is that Microsoft managed to take advantage of this momentum.

Xbox Series X|S Outsold PS5 Again & More Xbox Wins This Week
Editor’s note: It is definitely interesting to know that little by little, Microsoft is already starting to start up in terms of hardware sales. Maybe it’s just for a month, but this could be the beginning of an important Xbox streak in Europe, or maybe things return to normal next month.