Dragon ball z:dokkan battle

Joey City Emergency Celebration P2E Games, Global Closet Achieved 10 million

Joey City said on a 16-day P2E game system: Gunship Battle (Gunship Battle) (Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict) has recorded 100,000 global concurrent users.

Humming Metropolitan: Krypto Contribute has been ranked first in the simulations in P2E ranking site for P2E ranking site. Since then, we started the service in four servers and increased to 33 days as of the 16th.

Joey City has expanded the highest level of the last 10 days and updates the battle path on the 17th. When you purchase a battle path, you can get a new mission every week, and you can acquire a game item such as resources and designs, according to the battlepass points that have completed the mission.

From 16th to Hammac, I recruit the Krypto Contribute Official Brand Ambassador. Official brand page surveys can support brand ambulants, and when selected, 100 million Milico 100 million per month for 2 months of content uploaded and 30,000 won for game items.

In addition to this, you can get the design of the design and the upgrade event, an aircraft acceleration event, a growing booster acceleration event, which can be obtained as compensation for design and titanium.

Meanwhile, Meanwhile: Krypto Contribute is a mobile war game that is based on a hard circuit. I added a P2E element based on the Milico token on the original game.


For more information, see Humming Machine: Crypto Contribute Official Brand Pages.