Twitch-Star Amouranth: “Streamers are not only successful for good appearance!”

The successful streamer Kaitlyn Siragusa Alias ​​Amouranth achieves a large audience with their mostly free and often absurd transfers on Twitch ** – and deserves incredible 1.5 million US dollars per month.

But is she only so famous and successful because of her good appearance ? This reproach must often listen to the 28-year-old, many of her colleagues is the same. Generally, streeaters are confronted with a lot of criticism.

Amouranth leaves Mizkif speechless after her time on The Streamer Awards red carpet
But according to Amouranth, that is not true, This prejudice makes it really angry. The great success of famous streets has loud its other reasons. To underline this, it will take you a exciting comparison .

The streamer has enough!

Again and again Amouranth is accused of being only because of their attractive appearance as a streamer. Of which the Texan is now enough – and cleared up on Twitter with the known prejudice.

For this, the “official” Playboy model posted pictures of themselves and other Twitch sizes like Alexandra Botez and wrote a statement .

What is your justification?

“If you see that (almost) all women who are super successful at streaming,” look like supermodels “and the conclusion concludes that you” only have to be hot to succeed as streamer “is that as if If one would come to the conclusion, that as a male steamer can only never clean up and clean up to be successful, “ writes Amouranth in her tweet.

Is she right?

And in fact, for example Asmongold is known for the messy and dirty room in the background with its streams.

On Twitter, the streamer and businesswoman then holds further comparisons. Your point of view is clear: She has no more bat on the well-known prejudice.

At the same time, twitch streamers face sexism and mache hub every day.

Wen concerns and what happened, you read further below.

Many streamers affected

Also the “Queen of Yououtube” Valkyrae often has to do with the problem, that fans are sexualizing everything she does. “Listen to it!”, Therefore, your request is to the public. Also for Streaming Star Pokimane , some Twitch viewers go much too far, they already expressed themselves several times on the subject.

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