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In 2022, I would not be an exciting year in the game enthusiast to the fighting game enthusiast. It is because not only a major new series, but also a fighting game that utilizes IP, not a fighting game, and a variety of news from a series that has been disconnected from a new work.

One of them was Phantom Breaker released on March 15: Omnia. Phantom Breaker is a “Phantom Breaker”, which is famous for the Steinz Gate, launched from the “Phantom Breaker”, which launched as Xbox 360, with the “Phantom Breaker”, in 2013 Arcade Edition and Extended Edition ‘Phantom Breaker: Extra’ after 2014 PS Vita Scroll Action ‘Phantom Breaker: Battlegrounds’ and’ Phantom Breaker: Battle Breaker: Battle Ground Over Drive, which is transplanted to PS4.

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Although Makisher Chris of Steinz Gate, he drank the attention of the subculture fans while entering the guest character, but it is a series of people who know that they know that they are formally released as Korean plates, I remained.

Personally, I was able to save myself to Makeshi Chris, but after the whole army, the console and the title have been disposal of the console and the title. After a few years later, Korean was not supported, but anyway, “Phantom Breaker: Omnia”, which became a DL plate on the Korean Store. Then the play remains very blur, but in a few years later, it’s a new series of new series. I also wanted to confirm that there was no way I have developed a while, but I have not been able to survive in the flood of the recent fighting game.

Game name : Phantom Breaker: Omnia
Classic : Daejeon Fighting Action
Release date : 2022. 3. 15.


Developer : MAGES
Services : Rocket Panda Games
Platform : PC, PS, SWITCH

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In the conclusion, This game is never recommended for a fighting game beginner. It would have been different if the previous Phantom Breaker was released before the 10th year before it was released. It was because it was a series that was laid out from the beginning of launching ‘Easy Combo’ in the industry.

Recent fighting games If you play a win-ry-ryong command or a rising command, a complicated command, a complicated command, including a collection of gathering commands, and the examples that have changed to the technology to go out with only one or one of the areas and special keys, and the Phantom Breaker has introduced it from the start.. So the command entering the command was twenty, and there was nothing to do with failing the combo, or do not know the technology.

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Furthermore, it is also a work introduced from the beginning, which is easy to introduce in a dizzy work. Pressing the same key three times, the appropriate combo began, and it was able to make a combination that makes it possible to mix and add only the cancellation concept. Such a flow was the same in this work.

The 2010 was the era that was released on the 2010, and it would have been difficult to see the eye of fighting game fans. Phantom Breakers resolved the problem with a place tile that changes according to the mode for each character. Quick, which can quickly combo in Omnia, a quick, one-foot damage, has a complex system that can be reversed in a hard, high-level reversed hard, and a complex system with a complicated system in different modes, We showed a lot of fun.

The reason for each character and the command and combo were simple, and the reason for the choice to change the play style in the mode is simple. Phantom Breaker is a unique series that is a very high proportion of cancellation, as the attacks from each other are offset from each other, unlike other fighting game series. At first glance, the motion appears to be more like a competition, but it does not even seem to be slow, but when the attack is offset, the attack is offsetting and after the attack is offset, the psychological warming works in the guard-guard cancellation several times between shorts.

Even after the guard, there is a dash canneal or a back dash cancellation, so it was attacked by the assertion, and it is more fierce to hit the dill. Thus, first, as I was embarrassed to a faster tempo than I thought, the more we get used to getting accustomed, the more I find the way to reveal the opponent’s attack.

But this is hard to feel that the fighting game does not see some extent. I do not know the combo, even if I heard it, I heard it with my ears, and I’ve seen it a few times. It is not just a recent fighting game to say that it is just a few times in the recreation room, and I do not want to be able to do it. So recently, each game company is writing a group and has several guide systems that can seat beginners.

But Phantom Breaker: Omnia is not that. The features that I said earlier are the advantages from the previous work, and they are more trimmed by this. A common tutorial is not a training mode, not a training mode, but it is only the first time I have been writing to the reference item. It is a game that depends on how well you use the functionality for each mode as well as a sense of combo as well as a sense of support.

In other words, it is a Cyan province of recent fighting games, which allows combo practice in an easy combo, and even a combo command that has registered a combo command registered. Even if you want to advise the development of developers who are now looking at the first factor, there is no tutorial or guide to adopt a series of tutorials or guide features that have been adopted as the melted mind, like melparad. I have to say that the care of the beginner is very much falling compared to other games.

And even if you have been afraid of a girl’s character, I am aware of the game character, and I will questions about what I will come out in 2022. If you did not do your previous work, when you do not have a stiff movement on a hurry, you will get a stiff movement when you do not have a stiff movement. I do not have to say that if I play a few times, I am surprised that I have been surprised by my own system.

Furthermore, it is even darker when entering the multiplayer. It introduced Langkie, but recently, it is a level of trend, but the level of play is accumulated, and the probability of facing the decrease in the decrease, regardless of the ability. Of course, there is a difference in experience depending on the winner, but there is no minus, and there is only a plus, so it is more room for it. Moreover, due to the characteristics of the game, the fighting fifteen was quite a lot because of a lot of flops. So the network for the network is not really good. When I have a lot of Japanese gamers, I had a lot of achievement when I was matched, and I had a lot of trouble with other server users. In the meantime, the penalty entry related to the recent issue ‘LAN’ was glad that it was listed on the profile card.

Instead, single plates are quite rooms except for unparalleled tutorials and training modes. Mizuki Nana, and the story mode of the famous voice of the famous voice actor, the ‘score mode’ and the “score mode” and a sort of survival mode, which are a ‘score mode’ and a sort of survival mode, which can be enjoyed by the full duplex. Story mode summarizes the story of the previous work for the user who can not hear a series of phantom bracers, and because this story is developed as an expansion concept that the string is expanded in an expanded extension, which is not a subsequent job, It is sufficient to understand.

In addition, as mentioned above, the score of single plays may be uploaded to the server and ranked worldwide. In other words, the multiplayer can not afford to do so, and there is such a meaningfulness to raise ranking in single plates.

Phantom Breaker: Omnia is the old 10 years ago, Dukpp’s Smm is a relic of the era, which is now in the era. The story about the main rice cake, which appears on the work, the story about the ‘Phantom’ or the ‘Certainer’, and ‘FA’, and the user should know directly, and the play type itself is simple, there is.

It is a simple setting to fought with a weapon or fight for a wish, and it is a simple setting that it is a simple setting. I have been unfamiliar with a recent virtue, which is familiar with the recent Duckgem to expand the door to a certain level, and gradually expanded.

Moreover, unlike the illustrations of the illustrations that can capture the attention of virtue, the game graphics and animations are unlikely to be typical but certainly. When you make not only motion, you will have a question that you have to get a bit of a month and gravity that you have come out of Tom and Jerry, and it is to quest for the completeness itself if you see a slower and gravity.

However, if you play a little more than that entry wall, you will understand why it is like that. It is also clear that the fun of the workshop using a unique system is also clear. This is a question that you can survive in a horrible fighting game market, but it is said that at least your own identity can be stamped. However, in order to expand the series, it looks a little longer to expand.