Seongnam Industrial Promotion Agency – Korea Mobile Games Association, 2022 Indie Kraft Business Convention

A work agreement for the ‘2022 Indie Kraft’, a member of the Korea Mobile Games Association (director Ryu Ho-ki) and the Korea Mobile Games Association (President Hwang Sung-ik), held in writing 16, was held in writing 16.

Seongnam City and Seongnam Industrial Promotion Agency are developing a healthy game ecosystem to create a healthy game ecosystem to cultivate a healthy game ecosystem.

Since 2019, ‘Indie Kraft’ is the name of the Korea Mobile Game Association to expand its business size and performance. In particular, in 2021, in 2021, we held an online virtual game show that utilizes the metabus for the first time in Korea and attracted 23 partner companies in 15 countries and invited overseas developers, and recruitment of a total of 300,000, I was assessed that I was leading the new game exhibition culture that utilizes’ Post Corona period.

Now, Now, Now, Now, now, the 2022 game industry will take advantage of the ‘Metabus’, which will be the largest picture of the game industry, to hold an online virtual game show. In particular, this year, we are preparing a way to see and improve the metabus platform last year and effectively access the game developer and the participation. On May 25, the opening ceremony is made on / offline simultaneously and plans to be a metabus exhibition of the meaning of truth.

In 2022, to make a global indie game festival, we work with overseas game events, and to participate in the global exhibition of overseas indie game development, It is scheduled to be made.

Support for Indie Game Developers was also made more than 2021, and made it decorated with businesses that can be practical for game developers. In addition to global overseas mentoring, we will support the support of the SEN festival (SEN festival), with the participation of the Jeonnam e-Sports Festival (SEN Festival), and the German Games’ exhibition participation, etc.

“Seongnam Industrial Promotion Agency”, “Seongnam Industrial Promotion Agency has been hosted to strengthen the growth capabilities of small and medium indigo games with creative ideas and excellent game production technologies, and strengthening global competitiveness. Through a subsequent support such as online game show, mentoring, business support, overseas exhibition, and support for overseas exhibitions, Seongnam Industrial Promotion Agency will be a strong assistant of small and medium-sized games that are experiencing difficulties with Corona 19. “

The Korean Mobile Game Association Hwang Sung-ik said, “The difficulty of Corona 19 is continuing, but ‘2022 Indie Kraft’ will be held for the Korean Small and Medium Indie Game Development Agency. Especially, we expect to make a chapter of the opportunity to prepare for the Postcoe age once again through the metabus virtual exhibition, which is subject to the global entry. “

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On the other hand, the recruitment of the ‘2022 Indie Kraft’ entries will be launched from the end of March, and for more information, see the Indie Kraft official website (https://www.snip.or.kr/indiecraft), Details may be inquiry through the Korea Mobile Games Association and the Indian Kraft Secretariat ([email protected]).