Epic Seven, New Monthly Hero Pirate Captain Flax Update

The Global Hit Mobile RPG ‘Epic Seven’, who has been served by the Smile Gate Mega Port (representative craftsmanship) and the Super Creative (Kim Hyung Suk, Kang Ki-hyun, Joint Representative), has updated the new monthly hero ‘Pirate Captain’.

‘Pirate Captain Flán’ is a 5-star rating shooter hero of the canal. He boasts a powerful attack power such as ‘Burn’, ‘Burn’, which explodes the opponent to the enemy, exploding the opponent. In particular, the third skill ‘launcher’ is a third-speed, the enhancement of the attack strength, and attacks the enemy, and raises the “burns” and ‘bombs’ after 2 turns. Of course, as well as the action gauge rises, it is very easy to link with other skills. In addition, the second skill, the unclean, the outmine of the sea, has a passive effect that raises the behavior gauge of the entire friend in a particular condition, which can lead the battle advantageously.

In Epic Seven Worldwide, we have a strategic aspect, which emerged as a captain of a pirate to raid other trade and pioneer a new route, and has been implicitly approved for pirate activities to the royal family through this.

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On the other hand, the update on this day was also updated a dedicated weapon for hero ‘Elena’, ‘Ray’, and ‘Misza Shri’. Each dedicated weaving is expected to further enhance the utilization in content that looks more strengthens by strengthening the characteristics of the hero.

More information on Epic Seven can be found on the official community and the official YouTube channel.