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Dont Starve: Newhome has received a new band

Don’t Starve is not just a strong advice for any situation, it’s a deliciously scary survival franchise that will soon receive a new addition. Don’t Starve: Newhome is an upcoming multiplayer evolution from the series that players can expect to see on iOS and Android in the near future. It will maintain the brand atmosphere Do not Starve while adding many new social and multiplayer elements and a whole new fashion mode. And talking about history modes, the game has just received a deliciously scary animated trailer that does a great job to encourage players to dive again in the constant. Looked.

The trailer starts with Wilson linked to the throne of the shadow and is not happy. After a few weak attempts to free themselves by the gross force, he decided to put these qualifications of scientific gentleman at work and to build a device to do so for him. Unfortunately, just like his previous attempt to build a large and terrifying power apparatus, things go wrong. Shortly after, dark arms seize the people of their home and even their bed, transporting them in the mortal world of the constant. In short, Wilson makes the other exactly what Maxwell did, and probably for the same reason: despair of being released from the throne of the shadow.

These events do not match the main game scenario, which suggests that Don’t Starve: Newhome takes place in an alternative chronology where Wilson has never been saved from the throne or the plot was restored. Anyway, it opens the question of what Charlie does in the new scenario.

DON'T STARVE NEW HOME | LANZAMIENTO 2022 | ¿Qué está pasando?

Don’t Starve: Newhome will be available soon on iOS and Android.

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