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New DBS video teaser: Super Hero!

It is no secret that Gohan will be one of the main characters at Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero . Since its first official advances, we have seen the son of Goku enlisting for what seems to be an important fight and although we will have to wait until its premiere to see it in its entirety, a new video teaser gives us some of its scenes.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero - Official Trailer 3 (English Sub CC)

As you can see, it seems that Gohan will be in charge of fighting against gamma 1 and gamma 2 , the new androids that will be causing all kinds of problems for our heroes. Of course, there is still doubt about that mysterious secret villain, but we will surely have to wait until the official premiere to know the identity of Him.

Editor’s Note: Certainly one of the things that most excited about Super Hero is seeing Gohan’s return. From dBz that this character has really exploited all the potential of him, but it seems that we will finally see him in action again with this next movie.