How to change the complexity in RUNE Factory 5

RUNE FACTORY 5 is a game in which you need to enter into battle. Dungeons and battles with monsters are as important as familiarity with citizens and crop growing. It is clear that some people may want a light pastime in the game, and we are interested, whether there is a setup of complexity.

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As soon as you learn about seed and meet the first slices of gameplay, you can talk to the character in Zadavna Rigbart named Eliza . She will ask you to choose the difficulty level on which you want to play. You will not be able to choose the difficulty at the first one starting Instead, this selection will appear a little later, after you see entry.

You are also not tied to your chosen complexity. You can talk to Eliza at any time Change the complexity of the game. You can choose between easy, normal and complex. Keep in mind that you need to talk to her personally change the complexity, and you cannot do it in the game settings.

To learn more about RUNE FACTORY 5, check out the section “How work seed glasses work in Rune Factory 5” in the game manuals for professionals!