Pokemon has launched some cute and terrifying gear jewelry

Pokémon is one of the largest franchises in the world and has raised some of his fan from birth. Throughout the decades, IP has ensured a legion of fanatics who will reach the end by their monsters, and many have done pokémon a part of life. Then, if you are someone who celebrates the series with your lover, well, a new line of wedding jewelry is here to meet your commitment needs.

Yes, that is correct. Gengar is ready to enter the game of the wedding, and pokémon has to thank U-Treasure. After all, the jeweler is throwing a collection of licensed wedding jewelry inspired by genegar, so you may want to get a ring for the ghost-type coach in the life of it.

The Pokemon Company and U-Treasure launched this new collection in Japan this month, and the fans are already excited about the pretty line. It includes an engagement ring as expected that comes in yellow gold, golden gold and white gold. A cheaper platinum version is also available and comes with a variety of precious stones options. As you can see above, the pokémon the ring has a solitary gem enclosed next to Gengar, which is sitting in the band. And for almost $ 1,000 USD, you can make this ring.

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There are also wedding alliances included in this line if you prefer to go in that direction. The slim ring comes in a variety of metals and includes a durable diamond or amethyst. The upper part of the pokon the band shows to gene gear apparently materializing from nowhere, and this band is definitely more affordable for couples. Each ring costs $ 728 USD, but a next silver version will cost less than $ 200.

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