Ark: survival evolved

[PWS} NONE, 100% by maintaining exceptional personnel


Nornes have taken chicken in the second match of the Weekly Final 4th Parking.

23, ‘2022 Pub Weekly Series (PWS)’ East Asia Phase 1 Survival 4 weeks 1 day played online.

On this day, the Weekly Survival game will be held in the mumma, according to the ‘Map Order and Ratio Selection’ privycon of Yuan, winning the Battle Ground Smash Cup Season 6.

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Two matchmatched magnetic fields were caught in El.

In the second floor warehouse in the early stage of Gyeonggi Province, Emtech Storme has made his opponent as a quick split through the vehicle. I have reversed the bean, but the reporter was remarkable, but the material was removed first.

ATIIII was able to penetrate the front of the Eaglez in the middle of the entry into the outside of the El Sozo. It was the engagement of the shot of the shot of Eaglez ‘Kim Kakhaese’.

Danawai Sports was afraid of Ginto Prince and Maru Gaying in the south of the south,

TOP4 has left G & Giropreneins, Nynthes, Giel Ispos, and Maru Gaying.

The remaining Marugaming ‘Each’ is organized by Genesis, and within the other hand, with Gienel Isphors and Nynthes were formed in Genis. In this process, G & Gorin was first eliminated, and no nynnies who have been maintained by 3 were obtained.