How to get Uranium at The Planet Crafter

Are you looking for uranium at The Planet Crafter? This Planet Crafter Uranium guide will tell you where to find it and how you can use it to increase the power generation.

Why is uranium used in The artisan of the planet?

Uranium is used in a handful of preparation recipes, but its most important use is to make uranium bars. The uranium rods, in turn, are used to manufacture nuclear reactors, and those will feed all your buildings much better than anything else.

You can get uranium from the asteroids that you have unlocked the launch platform and released the proper rocket to space, but it is much easier to draw it to by building a mineral extractor in the right place. In addition, uranium seems to be one of the rarest resources: there are only a handful of generation points compared to the other materials that you can extract with a mineral extractor.

You must concentrate on putting mineral extractors in a uranium-rich location as soon as the first nuclear generator has unlocked: its output power exceeds everything else that can build up to that point and the top-level terraformation team is going to draw A LOTE power. Mineral extractors also consume a lot of energy, and want to automate as much as possible as fast as possible.

Can uranium be manufactured in The artisan of planet?

No, you can not manufacture uranium in The artisan of the planet.

Where to find uranium in The planet craftsman

Here are all the places where you can find uranium in _The planet craftsman that we know. As always, this list does not include storage chests that you can find in the world; Check our maps and locations guide to know the exact locations. You should also bear in mind that some locations can be sealed by ice caves.

Cave of inclined rocks


586: 35: -669

minable with extractor ore?

Yes (only T2)


A small cave fills exclusively from uranium.

Planet Crafter (Demo Episode 03) Uranium Hunt, Find a Super Alloy Area & some Uranium!

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