Pesch wins in Alfter

The SV Deutz 05 has caught up a two-goal residue against Viktoria Glesch-Paffendorf and so in the basement collected a counter at least one counter: at halftime still led the guests earned, they were the better team and were through gates of Porschen (15th) and Krämer (40th) with 2: 0 in front. Deutz, but with a large-scale residue only with vague hopes on the league, showed combat spirit. And a performance enhancement, which was also rewarded with gates: Goldmann only produced the connection for the homeland (66.), which subsequently pushed on the compensation. Shortly before the end Müller succeeded after a corner 2: 2 (81.).

Frechen 20 - BCV Glesch Paffendorf (Kreispokal)
Meanwhile, the FC Pesch was deserved with 4: 1 at the VfL Alfter. Already in the first pass, the guests put the course on victory. Two standards helped the FCP a soothing break guide: Ramas 1: 0 (14.) followed Kaylas seeing direct free-kick for 2: 0 (37.). Although Alfter designed the second pass first balanced, but Kremer (62.) and Kurogi (74.) made everything clear for Pesch in a row. Towards the end of the Hommelf managed by Kartal still the connection (79.), to further hits, it was no longer enough for the VfL despite opportunities for the VfL, which is only just above the line. The FC PESCH, on the other hand, makes a sentence in the table in place.