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The Warzone Start Pack is worth

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Royal BattleWarzone – receives an upgrade. A game type 200 players in Quad mode arrives, and if it finally put you in appetite, you may want to dive first head in Warzone for the first time.

However, Warzone being absent for many months, you will meet many upper players. To give you a boost, a Warzone start-up pack has been made available, and it comes with decent objects to provide a lead length in Warz1. Let’s see what is available and if it’s worth buying.

What does the Call of Duty Start Pack: Warzone?

Let’s first look at the price. The Warzone boot package will cost $ 4.99 (£ 3.99), and it comes with six items that will help you start Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Fashion Battle Royale. These are:

  • 500 Call of Duty Points (COD)
  • Double Battle Pass XP an hour and XP Double Hour Weapon
  • Legendary hunting rifle plane in amalgam
  • Epic Kreuger Alchemist Skin
  • Call Card Epic Breathing Easy
  • Emblem of the culture of epic vulture

COD points can be used to buy items in the game shop or its Battle Pass. Buying the Battle Pass will allow you to fulfill goals at stake, gaining XP and earn rewards for leveling in its ranks.

Double XP objects, meanwhile, will give twice more XP during multiplayer matches. This will also help you get up more quickly, which increases your rank and unlocks more benefits. Finally, legendary and epic objects can be used as cosmetics to equip your character and show that you are not the rookie that many think you are.


Warzone Starter Pack is worth?

If you are a complete beginner on Warzone, the Starter Pack is worth it. The double XP objects and the cod points alone give you a big boost when you enter the Warzone ring, while cosmetics will prevent other players from seeing you like the new guy they can easily be killed.

For someone else, the Warzone Starter Pack probably does not worth it. Warzone veterans will already be very well classified and will have enough cosmetics, including those listed, so it’s best to save your money for something else.