Andro Dunos 2: 30 years later, following the neogeo worship game is available

The era is clearly at the revival of glories past 80s and 90s. One month just after learning that a suite in Ganryu 2 was going to see the light of day, publisher Pixelheart lets us know that Andro Dunos 2 is today Hui available on PC, PS4, Nintendo Swich and 3DS, both dematerialized and inbox. The game will also arrive on Xbox One and Dreamcast, but it will be necessary to wait a few weeks / months. In the meantime, we can remember this launch trailer that proves that the developers of Picorinne Soft have kept the essence and spirit of the first episode, probably an increased speed in the trips and much more inventiveness in the different internships.

Among the novelties of gameplay, we will have the opportunity to leave with 4 different weapons that can be achieved according to the situation, knowing that these weapons can be evolved, either by collecting objects or during the screen ‘End of level improvement. The maximum landing to boost its weapons being 7, developers have also limited to the same number the evolution of missiles and picked up shields. PixelHeart also provided Collectors editions, but only on PS4 and Nintendo Switch, one of which takes the packaging of the MVs of the time, with the cardboard box. As for the limited edition, it contains a futurepak exclusive.

The MVS edition contains:

  • The standard game box (game included)

  • Antistatic pink plastic bubble

  • Arcade Headband

Andro Dunos 2 - 30 Minute Gameplay [Switch]

  • Art Printing

  • Instructions for the game MVS Version

  • Reproduction of a MVS cardboard box

  • Reproduction of an empty MVS cartridge used as a box for the game

  • original soundtrack (OST)