The Planet Crafter Terraformation Guide

Our _ The artisan of the planet_ The TerraFormation Guide will tell you what you need to know about the process of converting a lifeless planet into a much more habitable place.

What is the terraformation in The artisan of the planet?

Terraformation is a game mechanics in The artisan of planet and is representative of its general objective on the planet. Terraformation is the process of changing the atmosphere of a planet, generally to make it habitable for a particular way of life (human, in this case).

How the artisan of the planet_ Terraformation works

_ The artisan of the planet_ The terraformation process begins with the increase of three key statistics for the planet: oxygen, heat and pressure. The combination of these three statistics is represented in its total terraformation score.

Oxygen can be increased by building vegetables and placing special seeds inside them. However, you will have to find these seeds; You can plunder several storage boxes and points of interest in the world.

The heat can be increased by building heaters. Unfortunately, they require a more rare resource than most articles: you will need to unearth Iridium to build them. Check our Iridium guide to know where you can get it.

The pressure can be increased by building drills. While initial drills are cheap, high-end drills will require more rare resources such as aluminum, osmium and super alloy. (However, it’s worth it: this opens the way to extraction of automated ore).

Once you reach a certain point, it will unblock a fifth measure for your progress: biomass. Check our biomass guide for more information about this additional terraformation mechanics!

That is a wrapping in our planet craftsman, TerraFormation Guide! Do not forget to take a look at our other guides below: There is a lot to learn about this game!

The guide is a work in progress and is currently being updated.

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