Space Survival Sandbox Games “The Planet Crafter” Steam “overwhelmingly popular” starts. Terra forming a rough planet

Developer’s Miju Games started early access delivery of the Space Survival Sandbox game The Planet Crafter ” on March 25th. It seems that this work is overwhelmed by the user review, and this work is good for goodness.

“The Planet Crafter” is a survival sandbox game that carries Terra forming of a certain planet. The player is a prisoner who is working with some sin and engages in tera forming work in exchange for shortening the prison phase. This destroying planet is to be changed to the environment where humanity lives.

The planet to be the stage is an environment where sand and rock are only spreading, but various resources are sleeping. In addition, resources can also be acquired from crashed spacecraft debris and sometimes falling meteorites. Based on such resources and design drawings, we will craft various equipment and tera forming. Some crafts that can be crafted may be directly related to buildings, furniture serving as a living space, and power generation facilities that supply energy, or terafroming. It is a drill that digs and raises the pressure in the ground and raises the air pressure, a heater to raise the temperature, and equipment that produces oxygen. Equipment that can be crafted will be unlocked according to the progress of each element in such terraewermension.

Currently, this work has acquired “overwhelming popular” that 95% is well received in STEAM user reviews. Since there is no enemy organism, and the survival element is not so tough, it seems that the tera forming can be enjoyed slowly, and the system is not so complicated. However, there is also an opinion that pointed out that the content of content and gameplay has been pointed out, and it seems that early access delivery has just been started, and there are many users who are well received in the sense of expecting it.

Looking at the number of simultaneous connectivity players in this work, nearly 4,000 people on the first day of the release, and then raised. More than 9,000 people at the current peak (STEAMDB). It can be said that it is a good slippage as a small indie game that has been developed by two people.

Early access delivery of this work is scheduled for about 1 to 2 years, and further development of the tera forming stage, adding a story element, adding a further environment and a mastery element to be searched, vehicles It is said to be planning to add On the other hand, it is stated that monsters and battle elements are not added.

“The Planet Crafter” is delivered early access to PC (Steam). It can be purchased for 10% off 1782 yen until April 1st. In addition, the game corresponds to the Japanese language display.