T & K Factory, AFK Collection type RPG Billon Master: Dead or Alive Dictionary Register 1 million

TENK Factory (TNK Factory, Representative Shinhee) said that the number of dictionary registrants of the AFK collected RPG ‘Billon Master: Dead or Alive’ said that it has exceeded 1 million.

DEAD OR ALIVE: Baby Don' t Say Goodbye (Club Mix)

The ‘Bill Master: Dead OR Alive’, which is selected for the soil, and the ‘Billon’ character, which is drawn in the easy operation and the neglect element, and Cartoon graphics, is the game.

It is analyzed that this 1 million exceeded ‘zombie’ trends, which is popular worldwide, is a long-term game property and anyone who can enjoy a speech,.

The ‘Billon Master’ is a background for a zombie virus, in the background, in the background, in the background, as a background of 2050, not only a zombie infection, but it is difficult to control the world and to control the world to control the world.

In particular, it is a fun leader to collect various bilgs by expressing characters in an intuitive and pleasant North American Cartoon graphics.

In addition, the number of wrappers is made in the game in the game, and the LAPO in the game in the game is a character in the world.

In addition, the public relations model is planning to capture this one-minute animation of the summit of the summit, expressing the world by expressing the world of zombie virus, which is released by the official SNS, including Youtube, unique transmission force.

‘Billon Master: Dead OR Alive’ is in progress in Google Play, One Store, and Naver Lounge, as well as official web pages, and only participation.