Dragon ball z:dokkan battle

[Todays steam] 73% discount

On March 29, 10 am, the steam of the world‘s top selling products in the top of the world. Among them, Arma 3 (ARMA 3) bundled products were attracted attention. The Armese 3 Ultimate Edition released in the past 2019 includes all expansion packs and DLCs that have been released for five years after the release of the main handles. Basically, it was 15% lower than the price, which was on sale at a lower price, and the discount rate reached by 73% by April 5 will be applied and can be purchased at 43,120 won.

Armor 3 released in 2013 was a Military FPS developed by Bohima Interactive, featuring a realistic play in the background. In addition, the brandon green developed the ‘battle ground’ that caused the battle royal hot air in the domestic and overseas markets, the Brandon Green, which developed the Battle Ground in the domestic and foreign market, has notified the name of the Arma 3 battle as a developer.

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In addition, there are 65% discounts from April 5, disco Elihi – Participate in ‘Sim Fest’, which will be held by the final cut and steam on April 4, and 20% discounted pounding simulator 22 revealed. Simulation game through Simface is available at a discounted price for a discounted price. In addition to the pearm simulator 22, the euro truck simulator 2, houseplip, and potion craft: alcemist simulator, and Point Hosphates are participating.

In the top simultaneous connection rankings worldwide in the steam, the battle ground was 487,644, and held the third place. Compared to the previous day, both games have declined in the number of simultaneous users, but the elderly rings were reversed than the battle ground. In addition, Mir 4, which was pushed to TOP 20, returned to 18th place, and the arc that was 20th in the 14th place was released out of the survival Eve.