Tiny Tinas Wonderlands Dryl Boss: How to beat the three phases

The heads in Wonderlands are definitely more crazy as the game progresses. They also take some difficult mechanics that can easily destroy your protection, so it is better to be alert and aware of what is coming. With this boss, you will fight against what seems to be a monster similar to Cthulhu. Here is How to beat the three phases of Dry’l in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands .

How to beat all the Dry’L phases in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

First you must know that enemies climb to your level automatically at Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Because of this, no boss in the game becomes redundant or easy to combat. You will always get an appropriate booty for the level.

First you will find Dry’l during the search for mortal coil that takes place in the Drowned Abyss area. Dry’l will not be found until you enter the Godswell area to which the story will take it. Because of this, it seems that there is no way to generate directly in Godswell, so you will always have to start from the quick trip point of Dry’l’s Gallery at Drowned Abyss.

You will have some vending machines as soon as you are inside, but otherwise, it is a short walk and then a fall in a hole to start the boss’s fight.


This first phase will be against Dry’l, whose chains are the sea. This is the same boss, but the name change is how you have an idea of what to expect in the phase. In this, Dry’l will focus exclusively on the body-to-body combat.

Him’s fist blows are hard to ignore and dodge, but you still have to do the best you can even though you probably receive blows. There are enemies coiled nearby if you tear down and you need to kill something for a death save. Point to the bright red part of your abdomen to cause critical damage and empty your health bar.


Meet Dry’l, whose blood is thunder. During the first part of this fight, Dry’l will be at the far end of the boss area, throwing you spears ray. These are bad news, since normally the protections have a weakness due to the damage by electric shock.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Walkthrough - Boss Fight: Dry'l
He will also have his own protection during this fight, so now it would be a good time to prepare your own shock weapon. Dodge these spears thrown as best you can and continue causing harm.

Once you have lowered her health from him, he will appear again in his previous position in front of you. Now is when the spears become more lethal. He continues to dodge and shoot directly at his critical point. When it is close to death, it will stick its spear on the ground and take a second spear and start regenerating part of the ward of it.

The first spear will make a lot of damage to shock that you will want to avoid. This is your best opportunity to stop it, since there is a great damage. You keep hitting the critical point and you will let it fall into phase three.


Now, you find yourself face to face with the final form, Dry’l, whose heart is fire. Once again, you have a protection, so your shock weapon will have more use. This time, instead of throwing spears, gone to the fire projectiles. These have a great impact and, if they hit you with the protection down, you may tear you down.

Follow more or less the same pattern as the phase two: distant at first, but it enters for body to body blows when you have enough health. Their blows are more frequent and three in three, so be prepared to dodge or be demolished.

Get ready for a new fire breath attack that will light dropped oil puddles and limit your play space, making you more available to be hit. After finishing the breath of fire, Dry’l will sink again in the water and convene several coiled enemies. They should not be a threat.

Dry’l will rise at the left and right end of the area to throw a jet of fire, but while you stay in the middle you will be fine. Then, it will resurface one more time where it began at the beginning of the second and third phase. Dry’l repeats the fire projectiles and it will be as if the phase will restart, although now it will be incredibly weak and ready for you to end up with it.

When your health bar runs out, a booty rain will come out and Dry’l will sink into the depths.

That’s all you need to know for How to beat the three phases of Dry’l in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands . We also have a guide to defeat the parasite chief for agriculture. However, you may also be interested in how to get legendary weapons.

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