Criticism: Lost Judgment: The Kaito Files (PS5) – The Shorter Story Story Extension Bat Yagami to His own game

Listen, we love the protagonist of Judgment Takayuki Yagami – Even if he was a bit a wet cover in Lost Judgment – but he was completely overwhelmed by Masaharu Kaito, the man who usually plays the second violin as Brutal acolyte of Tak. The ex-yakuza is the star of the series in its own extension – rightly named The Kaito Files – and its superb performance carries everything.

Kaito is the kind of guy who listens to his heart rather than his head – an impulsive beast of a man who is ready to continue justice at all costs. So it’s not your typical detective, and it’s partly what makes it so good track throughout this ten o’clock adventure. He also knows how to have fun – his often awkward behavior bringing a welcome degree of humor to what is another serious Style Yakuza story.

The Kaito Files tells a beautiful story – even if some of the key points of the plot are somewhat predictable. Our hero falls on a whole new business that reveals uncomfortable parts of his past, making it a surprisingly personal getaway. It starts quite slowly – just like the way Yakuza – but the stakes are really increasing while everything takes place in the following chapters. Unlike Lost Judgment, The Kaito Files does not get used in unnecessary details. Its shorter history is told at a much better pace, with a healthy balance of dramatic cinematics and cranial action.

Kaito’s fighting style is not refined and imprudent, which gives rise to brilliantly noisy battles, especially with the bosses. In fact, this DLC offers several high-level meetings – probably among the best that the Judgment series has offered so far – and the bestial approach of Kaito only adds to the excitement.

On the other hand, the return of the half cooked and boring stealth system of Lost Judgment immediately aspires the pleasure of things. Fortunately, these sections are very rare – but that does not prevent them from being shit. Similarly, there is a long tail mission and some slightly tedious scene surveys to go – but they are not enough to prevent the intensity of the story of growing.

Aside from almost total lack of secondary content, The Kaito Files has everything you expect from a Yakuza style experience. Its shorter length actually plays in its favor, allowing a well-punctuated story that can not be taken by overwhelmed intrigue points or filling missions. As the first RGG Studio crack in an appropriate extension, it is a resounding success.

Lost Judgment: The Kaito Files - Full Game Gameplay Walkthrough (DLC)
* Kaito is a fantastic protagonist
* Typically Top Story
* Large cast of support characters
* Kaito’s fighting style is great
* A shorter length makes it a boon
* Good sense of humor

  • Stealth sections are always zero
  • A tedious detective job
  • Some predictable intrigue points

Super 8/10

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