Heart Machine et Gearbox annoncent Hyper Light Breaker sur Steam

Surprise of size from Heart Machine. A few months after the exit of Solar Ash, the studio unveils the successor of the game that had put it on the front of the stage in 2016. And no question of returning to 2D after having tasted the dizziness of the ultravoid with REI, as can be seen in the images of this hyper light breaker while 3D.

Advertised on Steam for the spring 2023 but in the context of advance access, Hyper Light Breaker is an _roguelite of action-adventure that already has a particularly neat direction. Creative Director Alx Preston had the honor of lifting the veil on the game as part of an event celebrating the 6th anniversary of Hyper Light Drifter .

If the latter was released without publisher with a Kickstarter campaign, his successor is accompanied by Gearbox Publishing. “Ith is a new path and the culmination of all we learned in the last eight years of development at Heart Machine“, already welcomes Alx Preston, that Hyper Light Drift ** has passed between hands of millions of players.

Playable alone or with friends, Hyper Light Breaker takes place in the Overgrowth, a world composed of different massive biomes that will be explored all flexible, deceived from the monster and constituting more and more robust equipment. Enough in any case to drop the Almighty Abyssal King and his faithful crowns. Between two escapades, the player can contribute to the development of a colony by bringing new characters who will unlock permanent improvements themselves, in addition to having a story to tell.


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