Dragon ball z:dokkan battle

[Planning] Until the constructionless mode,

The port night, which was released in 2017, is a worldwide popularity since after the battle Royal mode is added except for the extreme class. I was able to make a distinctive construction system that could make a shooting, collecting the ingredients, and collecting materials, and to use various buildings, to use various buildings to make it easy to use the Battle Royal. It was high.

And in 2022, the Fort Knight has chosen a big change once a year. Port Night is officially adopted a mode that excluded ‘construction’ rising. In the last 21-day chapter 2 updates, we looked for a period of combat mode without construction, but not only in Korea, but I got to the new users as well as domestic users, but I have not limited to new users from 30 days, It has been to be able to continue to enjoy with one of the play modes.

In Korea, competition with other competitions and domestic users have overlapped, and in domestic users, they have overlapped with the major rankings, but Port Knight has appealed to Gamers around the world as Fort Knight changes over the past five years. And, until the Fort Knight finally turned on the view of ‘Construction’, which is one of the core elements, it would be to take a new experience to the users, who would like to have a new experience,

■ Save The World, but the number of God’s ‘Battle Royal’

It was 2012 that the Fort Knight first appeared. At that time, the battle, not the battle, not a collaborative sandbox shooting game, and I was planning to make a fortress to make a fortress during the day. In this regard, Epic Games used the Beta version of Unreal Engine 4 directly, and it also revealed the vision that I would have a different game that has been a different game that was enhanced with a shooting game production know-how, which is also enhanced by the engine of the engine,

Since then, the day and night distinctions have changed in July 2017, as early as the item pamming and stage progress step, but the material that collects the material necessary for construction, making various structures to make the enemy and use various weapons, The concept itself that prevents the enemy that is pushed was not changed. By further developing it, dismantle all things except the floor, we simplified when you made structures, ammunitions, and equipment, and you have given the player to divide the player for four stages. In addition, when you play the game, you will add depth to the game play, such as the survivors who will be rescued, and that they have been able to get to the game and collect, such as a squad or expedition, including a squad or expedition.

▲ July 25, 2017 Early Access Launched Fort Night, Battle Royal Mode,
However, if it is too much to build, it was somewhat rather than the user among users due to the use of a strange evaluation method and probability items that are lowered. In addition, it was rather than in the time of public, but the UI reflected as much as the various systems was mixed, there were many cases that the UI was complicated. In addition, Asian countries, including the domestic, the server and the ping problem overlapped and the accessibility fell.

In such a situation, Epic Games showed a completely different new mode, “Battle Royal”, which is a whole other conventional port night, which is a cooperative basis from September 2017. At that time, the battle ground, which has been early in 2017, was globally launched and was released on the market or released on the market. The port night also removed the growth factor considering the existing four-person cooperative defense TPS, distributed in the field, distributed in the field, and removing the island to suit the rule, and released it into battle in Battle, which is separate from the conventional mode.

Unlike the existing mode Save The World, Battle Royal Mode succeeded in the box office, including exceeding 1 million users from the first day. First, Battle Royal mode adopts F2P, unlike existing modes, and increased accessibility. As a result, as a game created by Unreal Engine Developer, the minimum specifications were basically excellent in optimization of Core I3-3225 3.3GHz CPU and memory 4GB in the Intel HD 4000 built-in graphics. Here, the map was relatively small, and it was a short piece of play at the beginning, rather than Viji, rather than Verti.

As these multiple factors overlap, Port Knight drove explosive popularity, and in 100 days of release, 40 million users and 1.75 million organizations. However, the launch was still in the early days, there was a somewhat unstable side, and only North America and European servers have been supported, and accessibility fell on other servers. In October Asia Server Betest, Asian users have also been interested, and in Korea, in Korea, we have been in the future, I started to be known among the users. The lawsuit was once, on June 25, 2018, the craftone was taken.

■ Platform expansion, collaboration, meta bus, and there is a variety of violated items patches with a hidden balance item

The world’s global box office in Port Knight was not only on the first year of launch. Epic Games expands the PC as well as a PC as well as a PC as well as a PC as well as a PC as well as a PC, while catching superstars that are interested in the user’s memes and portners, and melt in the game, or to marketing I used it. Marvel, such as Popular IP, such as Popular IP, followed by a collaboration in the film, and furthermore, the virtual performance of popular stars such as Travis Scott was attracted to the user’s eyes with a different attempt.

In particular, Port Knight has recently been in recent that the metaverse does not stop creating multiple modes, but it has been encouraged to communicate with the islands directly and shared with other users. As an example, in December 2018, for example, in the mode, the user can create their own island using various objects. In addition, various devices are added to the map to create an escape map or a new mini-game, and then distribute the island code to deploy the island code to provide a function that can be played with other users.

As Unreal Engine developers were created directly, it was highly stable since the early days, and the season has been added to a variety of functions, and the battle Royal has been exceeded in a user mode to a mafia game such as an apemonry,. Not only this, as well as a Cartunne character, which is often caught by Yankees, and a variety of cartecan rendering, a variety of cartoons, and a variety of games or movies, and superstars, unlike Naruto, unlike Naruto, Unlike Naruto. I took a variety of ways to meet the needs of the user.

▲ Not only Western work, but also Naruto,

It was not just a change in the game that I played with the game play of Battle Royal mode. Fort Knight adopted the seasonal season that changes the season every three months, and every time, every time the map has suffered a large change from the theme of the map, and the new elements have been added. Even if it is only in the early days of the season, it is not possible to ride even if it is only when I was in Season 1 and Season 2, but I do not have a variety of weapons. By using more care about customizing elements, the users have begun to come out in earnest in earnest. Then we went to Season 3, the automatic vending machines that can be picked up in Season 3, or a more broader play elements such as ‘remote control explosion’, which can be picked up at the distance after installation,

From Season 4, a ride is added, and when acquiring the Infiniti Gauntlet in the Infiniti Gauntlets with Marvel Collaboro, the user has obtained a new factor in the existing battle role, such as ‘Infiniti Gauntlet Mode’, In Season 5, the desert zone, ancient ruins, viking villages, such as the meadow and wetlands, and the new terrain, and the wetting of the new terrain, and appeared to the soccer field, and during the World Cup season, users have been established in Fort Knight. As such, we added a different element every time the season passes, and the basis of the Port Knight continued to play new but familiar plays.

On the other hand, in seconds, the taifi pie mimic in the early seconds, and the “Rocket Launcher”, which was a hot topic, and the grenade weapons have disappeared after a few seasons, Jetpack also contains the forkleading mode, but in official mode, it was periodically added, deleted and deleted the meta. Instead, those deleted items have been made available in the forkleading mode, so that users could create a broader content.

The sales of Port Knight has never been released directly to Epic Games. However, according to the process of suggesting that Epic Games is to be appreciated that Apple and Google’s fee and in-app payment means for Apple and Google to go to Google, the Fort Knight is about $ 9.1 billion (about 11 trillion won) in 2018 and 2019 I posted sales. At that time, Ephics Games, including Rocket League, and sales from other games, the sales of $ 180 million (about W217.6bn), Unreal Engine sales, $ 35 million (about $ 284.1 billion).

The mobile version that has been tried since 2018 is that it is still not finished in the case of a state of lawsuits with both market, but it is a form of deploying apps in its own, but the PS, switch version is transplanted as it starts with XBOX support in March 2018 The user entry was also activated. In particular, the SIE, which was a closed position in cross-plays that link to other platforms at the time, has also changed the policy from September 2018 to the cross-play, starting with the Ports of Fort Knight. However,