Valorant Agent Unlock Guide: How to unlock characters for free

Appreciation is constantly compared to CS: Go, but has a blatant difference. This is the agent selection and the need to unlock new agents to use them in Valorant. Compared to the purchase of grenades and cigarettes, you need to buy skills specifically for your agent. This means that you need to find an agent that fits perfectly to your style of play. This can be difficult as they have not unlocked all agents from the beginning. To try a new agent in the game, you must unlock him, which may take some time. However, let us discuss how you can unlock agents for free.

So unlock agents for free in Valorant

How To Unlock All Agents In Valorant FAST
Normally, you have two ways to unlock an agent in Valorant. The first possibility is to simply buy them with real money. It costs you 1,000 Valorant points to buy an agent that costs $ 10. The other way to unlock an agent is to accept his contract. Agent contracts are like 10-step battle passports that can be started and stopped at any time. It takes a decent time to complete these contracts, but you only need to reach level five to unlock the agent.

There is a last way to unlock a new agent, but this is only available to new players. As a new player, you will receive two free-agent unlocks, with which you can complete the contract of an agent immediately until level 5. You will not only receive these unlocks if you start the game for the first time. You have to play a bit and get a sense of what kind of agents you want. You will receive a free agent activation on stage 5 and another on level 10. If it would be so easy to improve your character statistics in Tiny Tinas wonderlands.

If you complete an agent contract, you will receive something more than just the agent as a reward. Each agent contract gives a few sprays, a title and a player card when you rise on stage five. Since many players want to terminate an agent contract at Level 5, the stages 6 to 10 have a little better rewards. These are a Gun Buddy, an agent spray, another title and finally a weapon-skin. All of these rewards turn around the agent you will unlock. If you need more help to valorant, you definitely read our other guides.

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