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LOL: Rogue gets an impossible comeback against FNATIC and is already at the end of LEC

The European competition of League of Legends already knows its first candidate for the title. Rogue It has been classified at the end of LEC after winning a FNATIC that is relegated to the lower part of the painting. The team of the rogues has achieved victory against all odds. Although it seemed very equal to priori, they fell defeated without opposing too much resistance in the first two maps. However, they managed to get their best version to achieve a ‘reverse Sweep‘ and set aside the ghosts of the past.

Rogue Water The Fnatic Festival and is the great candidate at the title of LEC

Although the series seems tremendously equal if we serve the result, the truth is that the games were not too balanced . Only in the first confrontation there was some tension for deciding the winner, since Rogue knew how to stir at a fnatic who found many impediments to winning the match. It was after the third game that the direct rogues met, who could play very comfortable before a humanoid that stagnated in a pick of twisted fate that did not even threaten to work. The champion is not at its best and could not get out of the black and orange boys.

Especially painful for the fans of the Razork team was the fourth game, which advanced the outcome of the series. In this, the rogues achieved an advantage of almost 15,000 gold in the first twenty minutes, closing the game with a low marker from 26 to 2. Despite everything, FNATIC has not been eliminated . For its good performance in the regular phase and prior victory against G2 ESPORTS, the organization could afford this stumbling and keep their ambitions intact from achieving the European League of Legends Champion. To achieve this, they will have to win the winner of the G2 against misfits and do the same with Rogue in the final.

FNC vs. RGE - Playoffs Round 2 | LEC Spring | Fnatic vs. Rogue | Game 5 (2022)

Rogue is threatening to raise the European League of Legend champion title over the latest seasons, but the team had lost some credit with the outputs of inspired and hans sama . Some painful farewells who did not prevent him from finishing the regular season in first position and have not been a setback to sentence the presence of him in the final road. With the victory against misfits last week and is come back against FNATIC, they become the great candidates to win this Edition LEC and be in the next MSI.