Roccat Kone XP mouse test: an interesting evolution

Flagship model since 2007 from the German manufacturer Roccat, the Kone mouse has several variations, including the pro tested last year. The latest, the one that interests us today is the Kone XP model located in a category above at the price of 89 euros, having the mission of replacing the Kone Aimo Remastered. It will be a question of lighting, when we always go further until illuminate the bowels of the beast, but also to count up to 15 buttons to program by pushing the wheel, while boarding the group Turtle Beach of which Roccat is a part.

full of lights

If the Kone mice are distinguished by their ergonomics, with a long-standing form to be taken by a right-hander, the XP version plays in the Gaming category by counting more buttons and wearing a transparent hull. It is a question of highlighting a 3D RGB lighting that goes to the wheel, registering in the AIMO ecosystem to harmonize the products of the brand. The manufacturer counts 22 LEDs and eight rails of light, allowing to play with different effects taking shape inside the device, the wave to the heartbeat through the breathing.

If I still not have a receptive, especially since the interest is very limited when one has the hand placed on the mouse, the rendering does its effect still. It remains unfortunate, however, that the transparent hull is limited in fact above the mouse and not the sides, the design not going to the end of the concept. In passing, the sides are striated to prevent any sliding of the fingers. The Roccat Swarm software allows you to set lighting with colors, effects, speed and brightness.

full of buttons

A mouse is still a history of buttons, when the Kone XP counts not less than 15. Beyond the eternal right and left click, the additions are on the left façade of the mouse. The index will have two extra buttons on his left, who have a little too much game for my taste and therefore an unpleasant feel when we are looking for them. The thumb will be on its left an aileron to tipbt, which exceeds at the bottom of the mouse, but also four buttons on its right that form a block. Buttons are however sufficiently protruding to easily distinguish them without risk of error.

The Krystal 4D wheel will have five keys because it is also possible to push it on the sides to add to the traditional scrolling, together completed by the vertical click. The last knob of the Kone XP is below the wheel, usually assigned to the IPR setting. You can check but the account is good. Always with the Swarm software, the Easy -Shift [+] system allows you to add a secondary function for each button.

Click side, we find the Titan switch Optical present on many brand products, claiming a response time of 0.2 ms and a life cycle of 100 million clicks. I admit not to have checked. It stands out from the mechanical switches, particularly in terms of speed.

full of other details

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In the Rapidity category, the Roccat Owl-Eye 19,000 dpi optical sensor (based on PAW3370 of Pixart) follows each movement, while being customizable via software to adjust to the reflexes of the player and the style of play. Compatible with * NVIDIA * Reflex, the purpose of maneuver is to offer the lowest latency possible.

The Kone XP is handled with delicacy, for a weight of 104g, heavier than the kone pro but lighter than the Aimo remastered. In terms of sliding, the Phantomfle cable – with a long 1.8m – and thermo-treated PTFE pads – an additional set – of the Kone XP provide very good sensations. The mouse is available in two colors, white or black.


With the mouse Roccat Kone XP, we venture into known ground with a design that has proven it long. The hollow to accommodate the thumb, slightly curved above on the left, it is the proven formula of the Kone for an ideal handling for a right-hander. The addition of buttons reinforces its gaming dimension, while continuing to rely on the technologies also proven. If the evolution is interesting, however, it is not necessary to bury its predecessor before it renders the soul.