Function Additional “Halo Infinite” staff recognizes the dissatisfaction of the community for the current content

343 Industries is developed and Microsoft is the FPS “ HALO INFINITE ” released by Microsoft, but staff recognizes that the community is dissatisfied with the current situation where additional delays are occurring, etc. Did.

“SKE7CH343”, “SKE7CH343”, “SKE7CH343” Brian Jarad has explained the current situation in the development of this work in the form of replying to the user’s post.

It was recognized that it is certainly dissatisfied as the development side that can not respond to the dissatisfaction of the community, but it takes time to solve it with the team. Development planning, cost management, planning and employment, various problems such as development are collapsed, and it takes time to organize. However, many users show a negative response to the writing.

The “Forge” mode that can create campaign CO-OP and proprietary map rules that could be created before the loan chopsticks of this work was stated, and the Campaign CO-OP and your own map rule can be created. CO-OP is tight to match the season 2 and the Forge mode is considered to be scheduled for the season 3 (delivery day unknown).

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Currently, the development team is concentrated in the content development of the season 2, but the community feels anxiety, such as what is extended until the year of May 2022, and retiring a series multi-player lead designer. It seems to be a situation.