The job list of Valorant makes fun of the launch of PlayStation and Xbox

The popular Multiplayer Riot Games Shooter Vallorante It seems that it could be launched on console platforms in the future. When Riot launched for the first time Vallorante in 2020, the title only came to PC. Since then, Riot has expressed that he might be interested in taking the game to the consoles later, although no specific plans have been announced for these ports. Now, thanks to a new job list, it seems that Riot is in the process of trying to bring Vallorant to the PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

Recently, Riot Games published a new job on its website for the Senior Designer Stand in Vallorante. While this may not seem much at first sight, the title of the position specified that this eventual contract would be working on the game console version. More details as what consoles Vallorating could become that they did not occur, but it is very clear that Riot now seems to be working on a title port.

«As a senior designer of games, you will design, modify and optimize the player’s experience. His analytical skills, his vision of the player and his creativity help create experiences inside and out of the game that attract and surprise the players, “said a description. From the work “Design and improve features, modes and systems to help bring the console gaming products to the market».

The fact that Riot has now openly published this role on its website could mean that it could soon be confirmed officially that Vallorating is directed to the consoles. Given the popularity of the game since he arrived at the PC almost two years ago, the launch of the console always seemed to be an inevitable conclusion for the title. As it progresses 2022, it seems very likely that we end up listening more about Vallorating finally reaching other platforms. Until then, be sure to be attentive to our coverage here in comicbook.com if you want more information.

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Are you someone who still maintains the hope that Valloran Was Suddenly coming to consoles? And do you think that this job list is proof that the game will arrive at PlayStation and Xbox at some point? Let me know in the comments or contact me on Twitter in @ Mooreman12.