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From April 8th to Epic Games Store Total Warrior: Warhammer free

Total Warrior: The Warhammer is in progressing a free distribution in the Epic Games Store from the last day. The free deployment is held up to 8 days.

Total Warriors released in May 2016: Warhammer is a title that announced the start of a Total War series based on the Warhammer Fantasy Worldview. As a background of the order and chaos forces, four races such as Green Skin, Dwarf, Empire, and Vampire Counting appear. Each race has a unique hero, unit, and a different combat style.

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Total Warriors: Warhamers recorded 86 points of rating of 77 reviews in meta-creens, and that the Warhammer fantasy and Total War was properly combined. Total Warrior: Warhammer has been launching a series, and three of the years in February this year.

If you are considering the latest work, you can choose to prioritize the one being free of charge and decide to decide. Total War: Warhammer was released on November 23 last year in the Epic Games Store, and supports Korean subtitles. In addition, with the game head, the new tribe, heroes, and the Bonding, etc. can be received free of charge, respectively.