Sony should shortly before the takeover of a big player of the games

Regardless of it, What competitor Microsoft has driven in recent years (for example, the acquisitions for Zenimax / Bethesda and Activision Blizzard Fencing), the Sony officers have been working continuously for many years to increase their own market power through acquisitions.

Sony’s takeovers since 2019

The list of acquisitions carried out since 1982 is correspondingly long. Here only the most important games-relevant acquisitions from recent years:

  • 19. August 2019: Insomniac Games
  • 29. June: Housemarque
  • 30. September 2021 Bluepoint Games
  • 10. December 2021: Valkyrie Entertainment
  • 31. January 2022: Bungie (still in the review phase)
  • 21. March 2022: Haven Studios

Further deal at Sony in work

Xbox Activision Buyout Runs Into Problem? | Sony Rumored to Get Big Acquisition | News Dose

In the course of the presentation of the new PlayStation Plus Offer in March 2022, Jim Ryan underlined (President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment) in interviews several times, What he had already said before : Further toothes should follow. The Sony officers should still be available for this to the ten billion US dollars **.

Sure, a mega deal as the Activision purchase is not removable. But there are other well-known games companies that are currently quite affordable. And in fact, more and more insiders speak of it (Source 1, Source 2) that a great takeover by Sony should be shortly before graduation. From a milestone deal is the speech, and one of the oldest companies in the Games industry.

Who buys Sony?

Affordable and a big name with a long tradition in the industry? There are only the following options in question:

  • Ubisoft (market capitalization is about 7 billion US dollars)
  • Konami (6 billion US dollars)
  • Square Enix (5.6 billion US dollars)
  • Capcom (4.9 billion US dollars)
  • Sega (3.6 billion US dollars)

Ubisoft’s reputation and value have suffered over the last few years . Does Sony use that? Or are the Japanese sharp to some brands of the other companies? Capcom has, for example, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Mega Man and Monster Hunter. About Konami you could be at Castlevania, Pro Evo Soccer, Silent Hill, Metal Gear or Yu-Gi-Oh! come. Sega earns the bread rolls with totally, Yakuza, Sonic and Sega Rally. And Square Enix? We only say Final Fantasy, Life Is Strange, Just Cause, Thief, Kingdom Hearts, Tomb Raider, Deus Ex or Hitman. Which of these companies would you like to see at Sony?

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