Elden Ring: How to get to the top of Carian Study Hall

The Lands Between is an open world full of mysteries and, often, explore their numerous dungeons and locations is a puzzle in itself. That includes two interconnected towers in the Ladies Liurnia region; Here is How to get to the top of Carian Study Hall in Elden Ring so you can access the Divine Tower of Liurnia.

How to get to the top of Carian Study Hall

The Carian Study Hall is essentially the gateway to the Divine Tower, with the two connected by a long bridge. However, if you have already uploaded to the study room, you will have discovered that although it is possible to climb a ladder and reach the beams of the ceilings, it is impossible to advance beyond that.

As illustrated in the image above, there is a spiral staircase that can not be reached from the beams. You may have guessed correctly that this is the route you should take to reach the top and then access the bridge to the tower from there.

So, what about? How can you reach the spiral staircase? Well, you’re not supposed to do it yet. Once you have cleaned everything until the ladder, you will have done everything possible for now. The only way to get to the next area is to invest the Carian Study Hall, so technically can not reach the top; Instead, you must descend to the bottom (once you are invested). This is done using the Inverted Statue of Carian, which is an element acquired by undertaking the Ranni search line and progress to the point where you give the fingerslayer sword.

Do you remember the desk at the beginning of the Carian Study Hall, in front of the site of Gracia? This is where you put the statue to reverse the hall and then you descend the spiral staircase to an elevator that takes you to the bridge and the divine tower.

To summarize, then, here is a breakdown:

  • Visit the Carian Study Hall and clear Hall levels that are already available to you. Now go away.

  • Emprend the Ranni the Witch Missions line, which can be found in Liurnia at the top of Ranni’s Rise at Night. More information about Ranni’s missions series is here.

  • Follow the search line and advance to the point where you give you the fingerslayer sword and receive the inverted statue of Carian.

  • Use the inverted statue of CARIAN inserting it into the desk slot facing the Gracia Site of Carian Study Hall.

  • Now you can access the elevator that takes you to the bridge and, finally, to the Divine Tower of Liurnia.

If you ask yourself how to overcome the Ranni Missions Series, Carian Study has written a detailed guide that you can consult here. The guide actually cares about answering how to get the moonlight sword, but get the inverted statue of Carian and visit Carian’s study room is part of the same search.

That should give you everything you need to know about How to get to the top of Carian Study Hall in Elden Ring so you can access the Divine Tower of Liurnia. To get more tips and guides useful about the game, look for Carian Study.

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