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[Rank analysis] Dunpa Mobile PC

* Diablo 2 rankings were aggregated by integrating Diablo 2 and Diablo 2: Reviews.

In a two-week consecutive game Mecca ranking, the aftermath of Dungeon & Fighter Mobile (Dunpa Mobile) was crazy. It was 17th in the last week, which was released, and this week we entered the 13th staircase and entered the 13th place. Currently, it was reversed, but last weekend, he held Lineage W on the weekend, and the mobile market shakes the mobile market, and the mobile market shaken the mobile market.

Dunpa Mobile PC version is not reflected in App Market, such as Google, due to the introduction of its own payment, unlike mobile. Therefore, it is possible that the PC is attracting high popularity in the PC online is that it is likely to have a surcharge in terms of sales. In this regard, Dunpa Mobile sales have been higher than that of the top of Google’s top top-of-the-art games.

Dungeon & Fighter Mobile - Gameplay (Android) | Official KR Launch
In fact, when you actually look at the main indicators, Dunpa Mobile has greatly increased PC room usage and portal search. This part is constantly increasing after the launch, and it implements that the interest of the game is increasing. Maintain this trend and get a stable position on both platforms of mobile and PC if you are in the TOP10 next week. This can be a factor that complements the disadvantages of mobile game assessed that sales retention is relatively weak.

Dunpa Mobile was on the 7th place on the online Dunpa. While Dunpa Mobile is in charge, the interest in the original is a rising, online Dunpa also seems to have affected the ranking of the user with the highest level expansion of the end of March. Online Dunpa has increased its large number of individual broadcasting viewers, and the main personal broadcasters mainly on the existing Roast arc broadcast moved to the update space, and the trends that have been introduced in Dunpa have been detected.

** Talan, which was a fan,

The Tales Runner was strong in the vacation of the vacation, and in the school season, the ranking was slightly lowered. However, this year is the larval than the previous year. In March last year, we maintained the 20th place in the middle, but this year falled down for 5 consecutive weeks and went down to 35th. There is a operational issue that caused the fan to the background. The most direct part is filed in February and is a social controversy that the final survey results were released at the end of March. The update information spill pointed out early in the problem was found to be not true, but there was an inappropriate act, such as a member of the employees, such as an acquaintance account, and the staff received a one-month honest disposal.

This case was one of the users’ complaints about the updates that have been through the incident, rather than being worsened by the unconclence. The character can not be a big hit in the Tails Runner position in the casual game with a pancreatic sniper. However, through the meeting at the end of February, it was said that the user, such as a bug, such as a bug, It is largely falling, but it can be seen that the opportunity to run again.

In this week, the number of won in the middle of the 5th consecutive week, 12 stairs rising in 12 stairs and sites in the 30th. The driving force appears to be from the 2.6 update last 30 days. The new character that was highly priorized, ‘Kamisato Ayao’, the most popular character (character drawing event), which is a popular character, is expected to be a popular character, and it seems that interest in the game seems to have increased.

In the subordinate, the Altovit, who had been in the 20th in November last year, and the Altovits, who had predicted the truth of the re-listing game, did not overcome the decline in the year, and this week was 39th. It was a lightweight game property, but the correct judgment is life because it is basically a rhythm game. However, the frame drops raised from the beginning, however, have not been eliminated, and they are also leading to loading delays and bouncing. Typically, it is indirectly indirectly showing that the game is continued to be stabilized in the initial stabilization.

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