Ezra Miller could stop being Flash in the DCEU

In case you were not aware, last week it was announced that Ezra Miller, Actor who plays Flash at DCEU , had been arrested in Hawaii after having harassed a couple in a bar. It seems that the acts of him will not only have legal consequences, but that his career as actor is also in danger.

The Flash Movie: WB & DC to Discuss Ezra Miller's Future in the DCEU - IGN The Fix: Entertainment
After the news about its arrest, the executives of Warner had an emergency board to determine if they would continue on or not with all the projects where it is involved Miller , this obviously, Including the film of The Flash that recently was delayed until 2023, as well as any other production where the actor participates.

At the moment, the destination of Miller hangs on a thread and it seems that the high controls of Warner have not yet reached a decision, but of being true, then they would have to look for a replacement to interpret the new ** Flash.

Editor’s note: We have seen that lately the great studies no longer tolerate this type of behavior, so the possibilities that Miller is going to be dismissed are extremely high. After all, these actors and the characters whom they interpret, must be an ideal model for children and evidently, that they arrest it is not positive at all.