Karim Benzema: Real-Star would have missed almost game at the FC Chelsea

With his three-pack at FC Chelsea, Karim Benzema Real Madrid shot into the Champions League semifinals with one leg. For this it almost did not have come, because: The admission to the stadium was almost denied to the French, as his coach Carlo Ancelotti revealed.

“Before the game, Benzema could not find his passport to come to the stadium. I told him: ‘Be fast, otherwise you can not play,” Ancelotti clarified on the microphone of amazon prime. “Fortunately, Karim then found the passport.”

His performance on the lawn influenced this incident all and not at all. Twice Benzema hit a strong head, then he took a bad patter of Chelsea-Lastmann Mendy to his third prank. “How can you describe Benzema? I have no words. I would say the big karim,” Ancelotti swarmed from his striker.

His current achievements are historical: There were Benzema’s hits nine, ten and eleven in the current Champions League season, in the history of the competition had previously hit no Frenchman.

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In addition, he cracked the brand of 80 goals in the CL history as the first player. After his three-pack against PSG, the 34-year-old was impressive. In both cases he was the oldest player in the royal class, which ever hit triple.