Only a 0: 8 can still stop the sports lovers

It was on Thursday 2: 0 for the sports lovers win against the SPVGG Vreden, when the floodlight was performed in the 89th minute and the game was stopped. The occurrences are too fresh, as the sports court already knew how the game evaluates.

For the former second division, however, this could still trigger an avalanche in extreme cases. Although the TSG Sprockhövel has lost the biggest competitor for the last place above the preliminary round position in FC Gütersloh with 0: 2, but it should come between Siegen and Vreden to a repetition game, then Vreden could be the winner in the final table of the Oberliga Westphalia still overtake and kick out of the ascent round. But Vreden would need an 8: 0 or higher. Extremely unlikely, although not completely ruled out, so the FLVW has canceled the away section of the Siegener for Sundays at FC Gütersloh as a precaution, so that the cancellation against Vreden can still be properly examined and accepted properly.

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But the ball rolls on the four other places: leader SC Paderborn 07 II goes to Rheine, the sharpest pursuer 1. FC Kan-Marienborn receives the SV Westfalia Rhynern and the SG Wattenscheid 09 has to do it abroad with the sports club Schermbeck. The prelude of the rise round from the game TuS Erndtebrück against the ASC 09 Dortmund is completed.