Comment obtenir Volt In Warframe

Volt, the Speedster, combines an incredible displacement speed with the important zone damage and the shields that not only block the damage, but also attenuate any weapon from them.

To get the volt plans, you must have access to a dojo clan. If you are not currently part of a clan, joining one is a good idea to make the most of the game. Once you are part of a clan, you can visit the Tenno laboratory in the dojo and buy the plans you will need to build Volt. The Tenno Lab being a quick displacement point, simply open your main menu when you are in the dojo, choose Fast Travel and choose the Tenno laboratory from the list.

  • Master Plan – 35,000 credits
  • Chassis Diagram – 15,000 credits
  • Neuroptics plan – 15,000 credits
  • Director Scheme The Systems – 15,000 credits

Once you have all the plans, you can create Volt in your foundry using the following resources:

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  • 15,000 credits
  • 1 morphics
  • 1000 ferrite
  • 300 rumbo


  • 15,000 credits
  • 150 Alloy plates
  • 1 neural sensor
  • Pack of 150 polymers
  • 500 Rubdeo


  • 15,000 credits
  • 1 control module
  • 1 morphics
  • 500 recovery
  • 220 Plastides

Each component has a period of 12 hours and they can all be constructed at the same time. Once they are built, you can use them in conjunction with the main model of the volt to create the warframe. Volt has a three-day construction time, although all construction times can be ignored with Platinum, warframe premium currency. This is not usually advised.

Once the work is complete, you will be able to equip volt and start upgrading and experimenting the versions you would like to use. Simply make sure you have an available location for Warframe when you start construction.