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Is GTA online coming to an end? New rumor divides fans

A new rumor affirms that GTA online The final update, or at least your last important update, will arrive this year just before GTA 6 The marketing campaign begins. It is difficult to imagine this given the amount of money gta online_press, but it is exactly the claim _grand theft auto filter matheusvictorbr made recently. According to the filter, the current iteration of GTA online will obtain its final DLC / important update at some time this year together with the beginning of the GTA 6 Marketing campaign, presumably to ensure grand theft auto fans focus their attention on GTA 6. Some different reliable sources have affirmed gta 6 will be revealed this year, so this part of the rumor is not very surprising. the part over gta online although it is new

The rumor itself is enough to divide the fans. In a camp are grand theft auto fanatics who have moved from gta 5 and gta online and have been waiting anxiously GTA 6. For these fans, this rumor is good news. However, for the many who continue to play GTA online This rumor is obviously far from being good news.

What also divides the fans is the source. Matheusvictorbr has been out of place in the past, but the Brazilian filter has also been right in the past and, as a result, some within the Grand Theft Auto Community take the first frilter’s first. However, recently, an outstanding member of Rockstar Games, Yan2295 question the statements made by Matheusvictorbr and suggested that it is not worth paying attention.

For what is worth, we have heard through the vine that GTA 6 is scheduled to be revealed this year, although there is some uncertainty if it will be fulfilled with this deadline. What we have not heard is GTA online Support drastic slowdown once the GTA 6 begins the marketing campaign. This does not mean that it is not true, but it is not something we have heard.

A NEW Update Is Coming As Fans ARE FURIOUS & NOT Playing GTA 5 Online Until Rockstar Does This!

If you have to believe in Matheusvictorbr, Rockstar Games at least is prepared to send gta online outside with an explosion. According to the filtrator, gta online is getting an expansion of Liberty City’s map this summer. It would make sense that this was the last big gta online Update before GTA 6 But the fact that it makes sense does not mean it is true.