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Fortnite: Parkour maps, codes for the best maps of creative mode

With the novelties that brings the last season of fortnite, mobility is the queen at Battle Royale signed by Epic Games. In addition to sliding on your knees, it is now possible to run at full speed or hold onto the projections after a jump. Of course, these characteristics combine with each other, and your avatar can, with a bit of impulse, become a true beast of parkour .

This concept has not gone unnoticed, since a large number of designers have invented creative parkour maps. These cards were quickly crowned with great success. Here is one list of some of the best creative maps in which to get the most out of Parkour.

City Parkour.

Code: 3957-2847-4747

Parkour XXL (350 levels)

Code: 3525-6632-0011

Adventure Parkour in the jungle

Code: 1688-9943-3276

Volcanic Parkour.

TOP 100 Best PARKOUR Creative Maps In Fortnite | Fortnite Parkour Map CODES 2021
Code: 7632-2472-4635

Ultra challenging Parkour

Code: 4949-1124-8678

You can use these letters as ways to compete with your friends, to perfect your mechanics running and jump, or just to have fun! Nothing prevents you from designing your own Parkour maps (for once, you do not need any creative skill in particular, it is often enough to stack decorations for climbing).

As a reminder, to play in these maps in creative way, you only need to enter the map code (three sets of numbers) in the Isla code tab of the game mode selection mode, in Fortnite. A few seconds after inserting the code, the game will offer you to enter the map in question.