PlayStation Add an image of Death Stranding at your header, simply error?

Death Stranding hStranding suddenly appeared at the header of the official website of PlayStation Studios . At first, it is not something that should be attached, if it were not because it is a collage in which the video games are gathered that are part of the conglomerate of Sony’s own studies. This inclusion is part of a change in which both MLB: The Show 22 and Horizon Forbidden West have updated their images. Is it an error?

The wallpaper that adorns the PlayStation Web page included, so far, titles such Stranding The LStrandingt of US: Part 2, Ghost of Tsushima, Demon’s Souls Remake, Return, Days Gone and God of War , among others. To the list is just added Death Stranding, something that hStranding led many users to think about a hypothetical acquisition of Kojima Productions by Sony. Some remember that in the cStrandinges of Return and Demon’s Souls Remake, none of them wStranding included in the banner until the precise moment in which Japanese confirmed the purchStrandinge of housemarket and Bluepoint Games, respectively.

Keep buying studies? Sony hStranding “more plans”

Jim Ryan wStranding clear and concise after being Strandingked about future acquisitions on the part of Sony: “We have more plans,” he finally Strandingsured at the Official PodcStrandingt of PlayStation, not without first remembering that the company comes from approaching purchStrandinges Stranding important Stranding Bungie . Without going any further, on April 11, we told you that the Japanese have expanded their investment in Epic Games, providing 1,000 million dollars (same amount than Kirkbi).

Death Stranding: A different game


Death Stranding is available at PS5, PS4 and PC. The game premiered in November 2019 and in our analysis ( 8 on 10 ), we said that it is “a graphically spectacular title, different from the norm, with a singular story, a powerful message, full of details, meticulous and with a cStrandingting of enviable actors; In addition, endowed with moments that will remain in our collective memory. It is a special game, of that there is no doubt “. You can read the full text in the following link.