Line Games, Exs Source Heroes New Pate Core The Terminology of the World

Line Games (Representative Kim Min-kyu) launched a new Pate core (character ability and ex-sources Heroes “to service on 15th, launching new Pate core (character skills and external change costumes).

‘The end of the world – West’ is a black rating in the only Pate Core of the 5th hero ‘West’. When the PATE core is mounted to ‘West’, a passive skill ‘block is not possible’ to remove the enemy protective film together with the external change and impart the unmodified effect. The probability event for the ‘end of the world – West’ is held until 21st.

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In addition, ‘Red Pate Core Unique’ events are held until May 30. After completing daily and weekly missions through the event, it is possible to obtain the Red Pate Core ‘Midnight Legato – Privacy Off’ of the Signature Hero of the ‘Fedas’ Country with a variety of compensation there is.

Together with this, we can free 77 characters a total of 77 characters per day through ‘Free Advanced Recruitment Event’.