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Halo Infinite: Rumors of a royal battle intensify, indices in support

And if Halo Infinite fell soon from a Royal Battle mode? Nothing is yet officially said but looking good, several indices sow doubt. Let’s look at it together.


Tatanka of the game

Always very fashionable in 2022, the Royal Battle could invite themselves in Halo Infinite to believe multiple indices and sources. In fact, they start to cumulate and it was Charlieintl who had fun doing the compilation, starting with the most recent of them: recently, we learned that the studio certain affinity had joined 343 industries to support it and prepare unprecedented content. It is precisely that their code name for this project is “Tatanka”, a known wrestler for winning a match in Royal Battle at 40 participants in 1992.

To go hand in hand, when this firm announced its support for the developers of Halo Infinite on Twitter, Now famous Tom Henderson has left a rather evocative comment: _ “Where WE Droppin ‘Boys?” , _ “Where is that we land, guys? “, a very popular sentence in the middle of the Royal Battle. This could only be a joke, of course, but the man is also known for his many scoops (like the entire Ubisoft Leak recently).

A royal battle with 300 players?

In September 2021, the very popular Streamer Dr. Discrepect also added his little grain of salt, stating that he had heard himself that a royal battle arrived in Halo Infinite: According to him, it would be a mode. At 300 players **, in which the most powerful weapons would be placed in the center of the MAP. Just that !

Finally, another trace may be even more likely was detected before even the game’s release, just after the first organized playable demo: Dataminers had found in the title files a narrator audio dedicated to multiplayer, Jeff Steitzer, Clearly saying the words “Battle Royale”. Like what, the project was visibly envisaged by 343 industries: now, it should be seen whether all these rumors will materialize or if they will remain in the state of corridor sounds.

Halo Infinite's Massive Leaked Mode is going to be a Battle Royale, so it seems | Halo Infinite News

Recall that the season 2 Infinite is scheduled for May 3, 2022.

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When you have nothing else as an idea to save your game. “Good guys we offer a royal battle?” The gesture of the last hope.

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