I have never given GTA 5 a chance – and will never do it

GTA 5 is one of the most successful games of all time and has millions of fans worldwide. Despite the lasting hypes, I have been looking for a good reason for nine years after a good reason to visit Los Santos – so far in vain.

Franklin vs Trevor (GTA 5 RAP BATTLE)

A column of Gregor Elsholz

The success of GTA 5 is phenomenal, almost fairytale. As if Rockstar had sold his firstborn for a herself-filling chamber full of golden straw bales at the time at that time .

But while the Rumpelstilzchen-Deal has turned out for the developer as a direct hit in retrospect (which firstborn has earned already 6 billion US dollars?) , I still see no good reason for the game nine years after the release to install.

Grand Theft Car: Chaos hints for in between

My personal relationship with GTA consists primarily of blurred janch reminders in GTA 2 & GTA 3, which will feel the same except for the perspective: the playable character to upper edge lower lip with weapon cheats full pump and then like an overbitigated bodybuilder in the Anabolic oust in the best Hulk manner a sword of destruction by the streets, so far, so gta.

These moments were anarchic fast food and nice for between, but never tied me tightly to the series. After GTA 3 I have given again GTA 4 because of the positive reviews a chance – and could not start anything with the Gangster drama around Niko Bellic. The game has held even shorter than Rockstars Red Dead Redemption 2 on my PS4.

GTA 5: Not my Open World

In the years after the GTA-4 fiasco, I had to admit that GTA 5 simply nothing to offer , what I’m looking for: The franchise bond does not exist for me, the Gangster genre bored me and from online -Multiplayer features, I keep in principle as far as possible.

To make matters worse, it does not lack competing open-world games and the time investment is gigantic for each of these games. Accordingly, my choice usually falls on worlds I find more interesting than a fictitious part of California ** – which are almost all worlds in more detail.

Rockstar has lost the coolness factor

In the past, I would have played GTA 5 still at some point – alone because of the subversive humor and the contemporary sank , which are anchored in the series. However, this has changed with Rockstars development of recent years.

After decades of success, the developer is now no longer part of the alternative gaming, but irregularly to the establishment in the gaming industry and underpins this status by choosing GTA 5 from a console generation to the next grinding and incidentally nor with a pure Profitriented subscription service.

Sure, rolls we have to earn all, but subversive humor and satire about consumption and capitalism from an industrial giant like rock star taste about much as well as nutritional tips from McDonalds.

GTA 5: Then rather Minecraft

I will not say at this point that GTA 5 is a bad game – after all, I did not try it. Despite its incredible success and the fact that it was possible to sell the second Meists game specimens **, it does not pull me in his spell.

Before I would probably be still put on the best-selling game of all time I did not even show: Minecraft. If I played completely, I could possibly give GTA a chance…

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