The Witcher 4: Who will we play? The future of the witcher in view

It is already a der announcements of the year: CD project has officially recorded the work on a brand new game in the Witcher universe. Except for the fact that the thing is to be based on the top-modern Unreal Engine 5, however, is not much known. Of course, that heats the discussions and invites you to cheerfully speculate. In our special (plus video), we summarize the factual situation and think about how the future of the Witcher series could look like. And also a small spoiler warning : Here we expressly discuss important events from the books and of course from all three games.

The most important first: The Witcher 4 is probably not called The Witcher 4. This also has Radek Grabowski, the Global PR Director of CD project, made clear again on Twitter: The speech is only of a “new saga in the Witcher franchise”. This not only means that the game will not have 4 in the title, but also should be called: CD Project Witcher Trilogy, which started in 2007 with the first game, is really to end. And even if CD project has not yet excluded one hundred percent, it is considered likely that our favorite hexer has astonished as a major character. Comparisons to Mass Effect, who was looking for his new beginning with Andromeda, may be drawn at this point.

But who will instead come in Geraltts footsteps? How could the story look like? And above all: what does that have the mysterious medallion, which – as we know now – is neither wolf nor cat, but a lynx?


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End and new start

We remember: According to the huge final of The Witcher 3, Geralt got again spend two DLCs – including the excellent expansion Blood & Wine. The abducted Geralt into Mediterranean Toussaint, where he receives a winery in the course of history and to rest with the love of his life. It is a deserved, graceful degree for an aging witcher, which is slowly tired of fighting and fully painted the muzzle of all the political counterparts of recent years. Even if Geralt could theoretically fall into a completely new adventure, we do not assume that he will be a playable character again. Thus, CD project would build a few important opportunities to really bring the series forward.
Retired witcher: Blood & Wine marks the (preliminary) closing point of Geralts Saga. Source: PC Games Whatsoever but of course does not mean that Geralt is therefore credited equal. Basically, CD project here has several options: Either one makes such a great time jump that Geralt has since died, or you simply move the scene far away from Geralt. Also a possibility: The witcher still drives around in the game world. No matter how old he is then, Geralt could then take over a new role – namely that of the mentor. Geralt followed his life long the teachings of Vesemir, who dies the Held Tod in Wild Hunt. After that, only a few members of the Wolfsschule remain left, which could take over the scepter – and Geralt would undoubtedly be the most suitable candidate to step in Vesemir’s footsteps.

Does Ciri Geralt’s heritage arrive?

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What the question raises, who instead becomes the new main character. Many have already typed on Ciri, who has been one of Witcher 3 to the absolute fan favorites. But we keep that unlikely, for two reasons. First, in just one end of Witcher 3, Ciri really goes on the path of the witcher and roares the country with her drawing father. In another final sequence, Ciri, on the other hand, climbs the throne of Nilfgaard and in another variant, she gives the spoon off. These are not a good prerequisite to establish them as a new main character – even if Ciri is undoubtedly a great character with impressive skills.
Learn and monstrous powerful: Ciri is a great figure. But does she also make it the ideal heroine? Source: PC Games What brings us to the second point that speaks against Ciri: she is just too powerful and learned to get out of her a really exciting character. Of course, one could also say the same about Geralt, which is why the first game also missed an amnesia and had to work on his knowledge again. For the dimensional CIRI, CD project could be a similar way and ensure that it loses its forces at the beginning – but then the question arises as to whether all the effort is worthwhile. And how to work on several games, after all, we assume that The Witcher 4 will only start the starting signal for a whole range of new games. So CD project so make a pure table and establish a completely new, unused character, that would save the developers and authors a lot of stress and at the same time open new opportunities.

The puzzle around the lynx

One reason why many initially hoped for Ciri is this picture here, the CD project published for announcement.
The lynx medallion is the crucial note: In the next the Witcher, a completely new school could be the focus. Source: CD Project Red Initial was even eagerly used for whether it is a new medallion of the Wolfsschule – or if it may be more [URL = hexer.fandom.com / Wiki / Catschool] a symbol of the cat school [/ URL ] could. In The Witcher 3, Ciri wears a cat medallion on her belt and also in the upper left corner is to see as soon as you play Ciri. However, this detail goes back directly to the book template of Sapkowski. Itiner is Ciri in the catches of Leo Bonhart, a skilful fighter and witch hunter. He carries three amulets with himself, which he has decreased killed witches – a wolf, a cat and grasping. After a long time, Ciri finally succeeds in defeating Bonhart in the duel. Then she takes the cat medallion as a trophy in itself. However, that does not mean that it feels belonging to the school of the cat, on the contrary – she finally trained at the wolf school, her witcher roots are clearly in Kaer Mornen.

The future of the witches

Shortly after the announcement, however, the matter has clarified anyway: About Twitter Robert Malinowski confirmed from CD project that the snowy necklace is a lynx medallion. The school of the lynx was neither in the books nor in the games so far before, so they would be a new creation of CD project. And that would not be the first time: Although the Witcher games are based on the books of author Sapkowski, but the Lore was expanded and deepened with each game. For example, in the books, only the Wolfs- and Katzenschule are mentioned directly. And with the grazing medallion, Sapkowski also confirms a third school indirectly. With the Witcher games CD project then introduced the schools of Viper, the Bear School and the Mantikor School. Together with the new access lynx, the thus seven well-known schools in the Witcher Game Universe. Incidentally, this also excludes a prequel more or less, because the school of the lynx was never talked about the previous games.

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